Anyone else in Seed beta?

Seed's home page

I received an acceptance email and am currently wading through the ludicrously slow update before playing. It's an interesting concept and I was just wondering if anyone else had been accepted and was willing to share their impressions (search turned up nothing on the forums).

I was gonna sign up but they wanted my dx report file which I did not have. So I gave up. Please report how it goes.

It goes poorly. Client can't find server typically at start up and when you get in, you have a wait of roughly five minutes before anything other than the GUI superimposed on a Seed graphic shows up... which is disconcerting, because you can chat and click all the buttons. Once in, there's what appears to be horrific lag whenever you interact with the spots that need repair and there's no question your running around yo-yos like crazy.

I'd just chalk this up to beta blues, but they've only jumped to 4000 users and are predicting an early May release. That seems fanciful, considering my experience so far.

Per their webpage -

Beta patch applied [March 16, 2006]

Some of the most severe lag problems have been resolved, and major steps have been taken to help us diagnose and resolve the remaining lag issue on the server. For details, see the patch note.

get back in there with more impressions soldier!

Err... they're optimistic, at best. I've currently been staring at the splash screen for longer than before.

I'll keep it up in the background, but things don't look any better from my point of view.

EDIT: I finally got in, but can't move forwards or backwards. I can, however, spin in circles... which strikes me as funny.