OK, guys, the league is up, the name is GWJHLspring06 The password is stan

I went with an 18 game season and for that reason went with FLEXIBLE Scheduling. I was hoping that it allowed you to do it in 3 game increments but it does not. So I will flog people who fall behind in their games here on the boards. Tommy as you are new, you should know that the guys prefer to set up their games here as opposed to visiting the league's web page to set them up.

Good luck everyone! AND - If anyonw wants to make a trade for Raycroft, let me know!!!!

Wait... so all this trouble and you still went with the play your games anytime setting? Oh Swampy..

My reasoning was the number of games, and like I said I will stay on top of it. If anyone falls behind unresonably they will start forfeiting games starting from the earlier weeks until they get to where they should be time-wise. There are 8 of us here, I think that the games will be played quickly and that I can stay on top of it. To elaborate on what I said, Frankie told me NBA lets you flex schedule but limit it to only playing 3 weeks ahead. I picked flex scheduling for that reason, but for some reason NHL does not allow it, so I will manually make sure no coach gets left behind.

Don't worry, I'll make it work.
I'm not afraid to call people out and make examples.

Plus, Certis, guys should STILL be scheduling their games on the forum as opposed to just hoping to catch other coaches online.....

So no draft even though the majority wanted to/didn't mind huh?

I almost wanna boycott your damn league Swampy, almost.

At least I get the default settings this time. Baby steps Greenie, baby steps. Change that and I swear I will kill you.

You in yet? Check out the poll regarding scheduling, please.

Look back through the thread, there were more "definate nos" than "definately yes", and the majority of "I don't care's" tilted towrds "no". So I feel vindicated.

And I have become a convert to faster games, so no worries on that, froggie-boy.

We'll be scheduling games here

I'm in.

If the 2 stragglers sign up we can start tonight.

I'm in!

Excellent, and thanks for the STICKY!

Frankie, get Ruthless to sign in.