I think I posted about this before, but if you travel a lot, this little thing and a TiVo so completely rocks. I'm sitting in a hotel room in Atlanta, catching up on TV shows that are on my Tivo back in Dallas via 400kbps. Now if they could only figure out how to do the same with my 360..

/No, I'm not working for Slingmedia
/No, I don't own their stock
/Yes, it does rule.

The plants are getting ever more clever. They're evolving.

Nah, I haven't evolved one bit since I reached drinking age. In fact, you could argue the opposite.

He's obviously a marketing plant, since the TVs deployed at hotels commonly DON'T have external inputs.

/this message is brought to your by Hotel Pay-Per-View-Pr0n Industry Council

I'm watching on my laptop. Duh.