file recovery utilities

So I was trying to be useful this weekend cleaning up the network and whatnot, and accidentally deleted all of my wifes personal items. How could I be such a bonehead you ask? Well the stock answer around the house right now is that I am an insensitive jerk.

That being neither here nor there, the files are not gone, just well, you know, deleted. I was able to find the files with a program called WinUndelete, for the most part everything seems to be there and still in tact. So of course this is the part where the program wants $50 for activation before it will restore anything.

While it seems that the program does an ok job, and it is certainly worth the price, I thought maybe someone here had some experience with either that program or (good or bad) with different software.

Any info is welcome, we are past the emergency freak out stage, its just if I am gonna plop down cash on a tool I want it to be a decent one....this seemed as good a place as any to see how popular opinion runs.

I sure as hell hope you're running Windows, and this WinUndelete program, from a different drive than the one the deleted files are on. And also, your pagefile is not on the same drive the deleted files are on, is it ?
And I hope you've not done any writing on that drive whatsoever. If any of the above is violated, count on much of your files being corrupt after undeletion and/or missing.

That asides, IMO undeletion of files isn't that complex of a process to get choosy about utilities for it. Here, there's a freeware program -

Undelete one unimportant file with it, see if it works first. Reminder: DONT RUN IT FROM THE SAME DRIVE AS DELETED FILES. It can be run from CD of floppy.

yeah its just a data drive....we arent touching it right now

my hopes in using something reccommended is that I can avoid the tons of spyware out thre. I know its not complicated, but to me, if I wanted to distribute something not so kosher, an undelete tool sounds like the perfect carrier for which to attach my advertising payload....akin to screensavers, desktop themes, and... anti-spyware

I use File Scavenger. There's a demo which will rescue files but only the first 64k or something so you can see what it will be able to recover if you decide to lay down the cash for the full version.

I've found File Recovery to be very capable. It's free and can even be used from within Windows PE.

[edit]A friend also suggested trying HandyRecovery (scroll down, the link to the freeware version is in the CEO's note). Apparently he's had better luck with it.


thanks for the linkage....HandyRecovery did the job quickly and easily...and free to boot!

who woulda thunk it