Windows issue - any ideas on cuase?

Have a user at my office who's settings/any changes he makes do not save when he restarts Windows. Any idea of what can cause this? We are using Windows XP with SP2. Two month old Dell computer.

Corrupted profile maybe. Delete it, reboot, try again.

Never heard of this happening before, but I found this link. Probably couldn't hurt to try, but I'd scan the file for viruses first. [I've always been a little paranoid of .vbs files].

Rainsmercy wrote:

Any idea of what can cause this?

Use of Windows? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Take a look at this USENET thread and see if helps any.

If I'm in time you may want to rename the profile before you delete it, then you can recover favorites and documents that user stored there. Never fun to explain you can't get something back.

Low on disk space, either on the drive which has Windows, or on the drive where pagefile is located.


I force this behavior at one of my clients by denying write access to the profile

I have also seen random bits not be saved when using roaming profiles

probably random but I thought I might throw it out

Group Profile on your Active Directory. Someone in your IT Department doesnt want you screwing with your desktop.

*Firefox Tabs has failed me. I had this written but Pol beat me to the punch. Curses*

Possibly accidently turned on, but the Network Admin/PC support guy can't figure it out, and he's the one who set the pc up/hooked it up, and I trust his abilities. No its not my pc, its one of the people in technical support who is pretty pc literate. Will suggest looking at the profile tomorrow.

I had a similar thing happen to me - it was because my profile folder under Documents and Settings wasn't owned by my account, but by the administrator account. I'm still not sure how that happened.

I did the following to fix it: right-clicked on the Documents and Settings\ folder, then Properties > Security, clicked on Advanced, then the Owner tab, selected my profile name, checked "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects", and hit Apply. Worked since.

But standard disclaimers apply - back data up beforehand, don't do this unless you're willing to reinstall everything if things go wrong, and so on, and so forth...