XP Install problems

Ok so something has finally gone wrong with my system. It started out innocently enough. Failed install of Paint Shop Pro X. System became extremely unstable. Will not boot into windows unstable. Try to repair the XP install but no go because it will not take the administrator password.

Time for a reformat and fresh install, right? Alas, this is not to be. XP install starts to install and hits a problem with /i386/asms/6000/msft/windows/common/controls/CONTROL.MAN. All of the research I've done has lead to the conclusion that the CONTROL.MAN file on the XP install cd is corrupt. Evidently this seems to be a common problem with Windows XP sp2 cds. The only solution I've found is to copy the XP cd to a hard drive, recreate the CONTROL.MAN file and burn a new copy of the XP disc.

This is where I come to you fellow goodgers. Is there any special copy protection scheme on XP install discs or can I just copy the contents of the cd, modify the file and burn a new install disc?


[edit] I mean, coping XP CD and re-burning it should not be a problem!

You'll be good to go just like you say, except for making the CD bootable. Here's a guide to slipstreaming which is basically what you'll be doing.

Thanks guys. I can always count on the power of goodge.

Just wanted to follow up for anyone that's interested. The new burned copy of XP sp2 works perfectly. The genuine Microsoft copy, not so much. LiquidMantis, that link was perfect for what I needed to do. In case anyone else has the following problem with Windows XP sp2 I'm going to provide the links for the fix.

Error comes up at the beginning of the XP install (39 minutes) and shows as a Cyclic Redundency error. The error refers to /i386/asms/6000/msft/windows/common/controls/CONTROL.MAN on the disc.


Even if after copying the contents of the XP disc to harddrive the file CONTROL.MAN seems intact, delete it and create a new one with the text in the link above. Follow the instructions on LiquidMantis' link above and voila, good working copy of XP sp2.

This appears to be problem exclusive to XP discs created with sp2 included.

Awesome. Glad that helped. That's about all I've accomplished today.