McAfee user BEWARE

If you got recent McAfee antivirus updates you may loose a lot of legit software:
like MS excel

The article said that this happened yesterday, and was already fixed, but our company just got hit by it HARD this morning...

So now in addition to having to work on saturday, many of us had to spend more time trying to get our build environment back up and running...
A whole lot of softwares and libraries were deleted, so be sure to check:
c:\documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Network Associates\VirusScan\OnDemandScanLog.txt
to see what, if any, you have lost/

The following are the program that may be of greater importance that you guys should check:

1. Doors, Slickedit, Codewright, Visual Studio, QNX Momentix
2. Cygwin, dlls and exe deleted after failed quarantine...
3. Excel
4. SVN, got really messed up so that no one can sync up with it...

Hopefully you guys avoided the problem. Sigh there goes a day of work

God bless the lords of Cobol for Nod32.

Edwin wrote:

God bless the lords of Cobol for Nod32.

Yeah that is a good program.

i wish we used it for our company... Sigh, we are in the crunch time too... This is going to hurt...

Hey, I switched from McAfee to NOD32 not month ago. Was that the inner voices?

I had a problem like that with F-Prot a couple of years ago after a signature update, when they would detect all RAR files as viruses. Good thing about choosing F-Prot, it is a minimalistic antivirus with no pretentions, so even when it f*cks up, it doesn't REALLY f*ck up.
F-Prot's realtime detection module is incapable of "quaranteening" or "deleting" files it deems suspicious or infected. It merely denies all types of access to the file, except deletion, and reports it on screen.

We got hit with this it wasn't too bad, I made a script that copies the files back and PSEXEC'd it across all the machines.

The thing is though all it takes is someone to F with your dns point it to a wrong server for .dat updates delivering hell on to you no matter what product you use.

Also at some point someone's going to get smart and not say anything or do anything garrish with their virus and just have it silently and randomly change cells in excel to a 1 or something else random. Then we're really F'd.