PC Protection

So i've been having some problems with my pc and I was wondering what you think are the best free anti-virus, anti-spy/adware and firewall. And on a more permanent note, what are the best pay ones?
They're probably has already been a post like this but I figured current opinions would be more useful (and I'm lazy).

There have been at least a dozen threads on this subject in the past six months alone. What are the chances we can get one of them stickied?

My mistake, guess it's time to go diggin'.

Renji, have a look at this book on yonder Bookshelf. It should have what you need.

Good catch Xan. Sorry for being unhelpful. I always forget about those damn books.

Am I right when I ask if you are a Bleach fan?

Hey Edwin: you might want to update your list to include the fasterFox Extension. It is a easy way to tweak the settings that GG linked to speed up firefox. Along with other tweaks.

My cover's been blown! I am indeed a Bleach fan and an anime fan in general. Impressive deductive skills Edwin.
And thanks for the link Xan