Computer help.

I used speedfan to watch the voltages, put it through a few games, and while EVE online still ran like crap, the voltages looked fine.

Core [Normal range for Socket A Athlon 1.60v-1.80v] - Stays betwen 1.81v and 1.82v

12v - Stayed between 12.0v and 12.2v

5v - Stayed between 4.95v and 4.93v

3.3v - Stayed between 3.3v and 3.1v

Downloading 3dmark2001. Maybe it'll show something.

Oh wait, I completely forgot to ask you this. But did you happen to run things like hijackthis, or other spyware detection programs?

Yeah, I've had many battles with spyware, but this ain't one of them.

I ran 3dMark2001, and got a score of 3568.

The low detail tests (more like what I run games at), all ran fine, and stayed above 60 FPS. The higher detail typically stayed around 22-29 FPS. Seeing how my system is pretty old, and cheap, I'd say that's an accomplishment

But, my problem was reporduced!
High Polygon Count
8 Lights

Lagged my system to about 1-3 FPS. The test with 1 light ran fine. So, I'm guessing that probably means the video card is shot. I might switch over to the GF2 MX/MX 400 later and do these tests again to see what happens.

yep yep. nice findings! that does seem like something on your gfx card is borked.

I think I was the victim of 2 problems at once. I think the GF2Ti is crapping out, but I also unhooked my smaller HDD on a hunch. Looks like that HDD was the cause of the lockups... maybe. I just couldn't see how my GF2Ti could be causing the freezing/locking up, even when I wasn't running anything graphics intensive. Still testing, but it's already running a lot better. Gonna have to move KOTOR II over to my larger HDD to test it out, as that was the game giving me the most problems.

what kind of HDD is it? Gfx cards can indeed cause lock up when you are not running graphic intensive apps. For example, with certain drivers, my 7800GTX would cause my system to randomly BSOD even if I am not doing anything.

Speaking of BSOD, what kind of crash message do you get, or do you even get any? And did you check your event log to see what application error has occurred that caused the crash?