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That is all.

Wow, it is not everyday that a new category is created. Most interesting.....

Heck swampy. Don't you have some work to do instead of beating us to the punch?

What if my tech question is related to a game, or to a specific game platform? For example, if I can't get a game to run without crashing, should I post here or in Games and Platforms? What if my Xbox 360 gives me an error, and I'd like to discuss it? What if I'm looking for some tweaks to achieve faster frame rates in Oblivion? What if I just want to gripe about how buggy some recent game is? Etc.

Judging by the types of posts that have been moved to this forum, I'd guess all of those questions would be Games and Platforms material. The posts that were moved here delt mainly with computer trouble on a more general scale.

I'm sure that Certis is going to post some guidelines. He's not particularly good with a keyboard or organized thinking, so it may be a few minutes. The gist is that this thread is related to all things tech. Ideally, a hardware technical support question should come here, but general discussion (both praise and bug related) of games will stay where they are. Additionally, discussions of new technologies, monitors, systems, putting a rig together, etc. will ideally be moved here as well.

Oooh, an exciting new forum! Excellent!