[WoW} Server round robin

Ok, the server I'm on, Sen'Jin is about 6 weeks old or so. (Maybe 2 months)

Already there are queues. I see people all the time calling others noobs. I'm with a very small guild but 90% of them have mains on other servers.

It seems like people are ona traveling wave on the servers. People jump from server to server to escape the lag and queue only creating the same on the new servers.

Doesn't this mean the beginning servers should be queue free?

It's like that window in window in window painting it boggles the mind!

Yep, a lot of people are jumping on the new server, plus not to mention many of them have had transfers. If I was looking for a server and didn't care if there were already 60s, I would watch the realm list at my play times for a few days and see what is always at low pop and also look over the War Effort server list at the bottom 25% and see which aren't new, chances are the others are servers without a lot of people.

Yeah I joined a server created in January and there are a crapload of 60's running around. Of course they are mostly all transfers. In my opinion a NEW server should be NEW and not allow transfers. The transfers are just a way for them to try to make people stop complaining about lag. If they would have had a better way to manage server population there wouldn't be a need for transfers.