Swaydora's Box - My Terrifying Find in the Attic

I think somebody in upper management should move this thread to it''s own special forum and then lock sway out of all the others until we have the truth of the matter

I think that the box is actually a portal to a tropical Island! This Island populated only by hot females... plus free beer (Guinness) and food all you can eat.

That would explain why Sway is no longer coming to the forum"… and occasionally makes fun of me! "…so it's either that or he took my death threats seriously! Um... anybody knows Sway''s address by any chance?

I think it''s:

1 Beer Way
Island of the Hot Babes, 77864

I''m packing my bags, and I''m taking the Shaman with me! (he''s small, anyway). Sway, hold on! Here I come!

I am not small!

I am not small!

Small where it counts, or so the ladies tell me.


Really, hoochie tells you that much?

Ohhhh.... sizzle! Zing!

I retreat!

Yipe Yipe Yipe!



damn my brother in law from just moving from there...then I would have had an excuse to go

mental note - don''t taunt Rat Boy, he''s good. If necessary, use the lightning gun from a very high place. Or an ion cannon. Or a Redeemer.

ok, played too much UT last night.

Ok sway, you missed the mummy in the box for Halloween. Now, you could open it on Thanksgiving and get a dead turkey (they should be dead before you eat them anyway). But if you wait till Christmas, you''re gonna have to pull a big ol'' fat dead Santa Clause out of the box. Think of the children!


This is turning into Swadinger''s Box. The contents keep changing based on the current seasonal holiday. If the box is opened now, it''ll lose it''s undetermined state.

I assume that this thing has been opened, that the contents were less-than-exciting, and that Sway is just going to leave us hanging until -- I don''t know -- death. I mean, really.

Was there a box to begin with... or may be it was the government, or the Aliens that play tricks on us... truth is out there!

truth is out there!

Trust noone.

Actually, the fact that no light has been shed on the contents of the box, yet many are speculating on the contents of the box means that until the box is opened, we are all right and wrong at the same time.

This post has taken a Quantum-Physics turn for the worse.

Just ask Schroedinger. Or his cat.

Oops just read above. We have been there before. How distressing.

See the depths you are bringing us to.

I propose that Sway open the box. Not because it is easy, but because it is HARD!

Anal-diddling Santa, what the f*ck is in the box?!!!??!?

I know what I want for Christmas this year.... its something in a box.....

you mean something from the Sway''s box...

"Sway" wrote:

It will be opened. That''s all I can say right now.


lol. Here''s the issue. Everyone around me wants to open the box. However they only seem to get brave enough after a few beers in the middle of the night. As long as I have neighbors sharing this duplex, I''m not going to burden them with my drunken friends stumbling about in pitch darkness in their paper-floored attic only to unleash all the fury of hell and its pan-dimensional minions.

I, on the other hand, get little twangs of bravery...or are they little twangs of vicious barbs from members of a site I''m usually fond of...during the daylight hours, when nobody else is around to call in my grisly beheading, and befingering, and bebodying. After all, if vampire hobo kings are going to come screaming out of the darkness at me, I''m bloody well going to run outside into my garlic patch in the vamp-melting sunlight.

That and I still don''t have a ladder. And, you know, I said from day one that I never wanted to open it. Can you imagine what happens to the resale value of your house when a box full of pencils is found in the attic? Especially when each pencil comes fitted with its own special dessicated eyeball grip?

Grab some holy water and open the box you pansy.

Woohoo! Another kitten!

Wait... is that poor thing stuffed into a glass?

That''s at least four people with kitten / cat avatars posting actively. I''m going to go out on a limb and say that this isn''t the site of preference for ""Gamers in Biker Gangs""

Well, except maybe for Kriegshund. Maybe he''s a biker, and that picture is of a stray kitten they stuffed into a glass at a roadside bar one night after they got drunk and were bored.

Cruel, cruel bikers...

<-- very smelly kitty

Well it''s not Saddam hiding up there with a Mars Bars wedged up his arse. Discounting that, you should be OK.

Sway, ok... why don''t you just get a gun and shot the box, what ever is in there will be dead or dead again, and you can sleep safe at night knowing that you save the world from Osama Ben''ladin (might not be him...)! ...and the best part about it is that you don''t have to be up close to do it.

Shooting the box could just wake up whatever is inside. Especially if it''s a zombie.

Opening the box is a good idea. No matter how bad it is, the thing inside will give Sway the chance to get outside before it kills Sway. Honestly, it wouldn''t be very suspensful to be killed when the box gets open. Got to have some kind of build in suspense when the audience (us) realize that the thing in the box is chasing Sway and he may (or may not) get away.

At least, that''s how it''ll happen if someone films it. So get a camera and OPEN IT!