Swaydora's Box - My Terrifying Find in the Attic

I don''t know, I''m still amazed that Sway hold out this long... personally I would of being opening it up in matter of hours after I have discovered it.

I''m thinking we may get a special ""Swaydora''s Box"" edition of Infinite Lives...

Sway, if you open it up don''t tell us what is in it. Let us guess, it''ll be fun.

Come on give us a drum roll and lets do this thing!

I hate waiting, it''s neither good for my soul or my blood pressure :).

I would have opened it the first time I saw it. I couldn''t possibly live there and not know what''s in it. The curiosity would kill me.

I would also probably clean out whatever''s in it, then build a really cool fake corpse and put it in there. Then I''d tell my friends the story just like you told it here, and let one of them open it. Surprise!

Halloween is right around the corner. What better time to open the mysterious box? Come on, Sway!

So it hasn''t been opened yet...

Update? Borrow a remote control car with a camera attached? Call your local animal pest control company and tell them you heard something scuffling around inside this box in your attic? Convince a local news person to do a Geraldo?

I maintain it''ll be like that Egyptian tomb special on Fox: they drilled a hole in a door in a pyramid to find...another door.

Well if there is another box in the box it could be a couple years befor sway works up the nerve

I''m sorry, it simply has to be the hibernation place for some shambling, rotting (but surprisingly pleasant-smelling), fell hellion that quietly bides its time awaiting the start of the next cycle of endspeakable horrors. Every 75 years it awakens as a new resident falls prey to curiousity, striking with deadly grace (aside: a ""shambling... hellion"" striking with deadly grace? This is why I shouldn''t aspire to be an author, FFS) and silencing the breathless scream (again with the sh*tty prose... this really should stop soon) with a single last, slicing embrace.

How else do you explain that horrid dark walnut veneer?

When I read this, I thought Sway had finally opened the box.


Oh my god that''s horrible. In a trashbag?

That suddenly takes all the fun out of guessing what''s in the box...


While doing electrical work in a crawlspace between the first and second floors of their home, a couple found the bodies of three mummified infants inside a trash bag.

To have seen thier face when they found that

I mean, yes, very horrible. Still not Sway though, he''s in Maryland. Somehow I think the plans to open the box have fallen through and he''s hoping this thread will get accidentally pruned. Too bad Halloween is friday and the creature in the box will rise of it''s own accord.


Yes. It is TIME.

You must open the BOX! You must become one of us... One of us... OPEN the box!... box... one of us...

Can''t you feel it calling out to you... it is the magic day and soon it must be the magic hour... if hte package is not openened that man kind will be destroyed and it will on your head Sway!

The day of reckoning is upon us....muhahahaha

You know the law of forum drama states then when he does get around to opening it, he''s going to find nothing but some spare electrical wiring and a pair of pliers.

Grrr so *what* was in teh box?

by the way, if its Hoffa, please return him to Chicago.

You mean you missed the golden opportunity that was Halloween? If you were ever going to open it that was the time.

Maybe he did. It''s awfully quiet in here. Sway? Sway? You still with us man?


I think it looks like a cheap toolbox. It''s not a stand-up
cabinet, cause the hinges are on the edge, not not the front
where they usually would be. And last I looked, coffins don''t
have little dinky dime-store hinges.

Anyway, I live very near Baltimore. For $100, my buddy and
I will pop over there with a .45, a shovel and handful of salt,
and we''ll sort out the box and any other assorted vermin
we come across. You, uh, you live in a decent neighborhood,
right? Otherwise...you know, we might actually *need* the
box, if we have ingress problems...

It''s probably got the rest of the artificial tree in it, did you
think of that? 6 feet long, cheap wooden box...I could see

I know a Shaman who can open it. All he''ll ask for in payment is some peyote.

"Mex" wrote:

I know a Shaman who can open it. All he''ll ask for in payment is some peyote.

What kind of negotiator are you? Don''t give out my final offer right off the bat!

Sway...Sway, where are you? Are you ok?...Sway...?

Once you do open it, remember to close your eyes tightly so you don''t see the ghosts floating around. If you look at them, your head will melt.

If my head melts, the service is free. Gotta be down to the
shoulders, though, that faux-50''s horror movie face-only melt
won''t cut it.