Balls w/o brains: Culpepper demands pay increase

What do you call a QB who, after signing a $100 million contract and following it up with his worst year ever, demands a $10 pay increase from his owner?

Daunte Culpepper is what you call them, apparently.

After Culpepper got "shown up" by 57 year old veteran Brad Johnson, it takes some balls to ask for an additional $10 million for this season. Especially when few would consider you to be worth the $8 million you're already getting, coming off both knee surgury and playing like a retarded monkey before that.

Owner Zygi Wilf "angrily turned down the request", according to the story.

During this whole process, Culpepper was representing himself - he fired his agent after becoming unhappy with the fact that his 10 year, $100 million contract has, reportedly, very little in terms of guaranteed money - and the Vikings are looking to deal him now. (It sounds like a lot of the bonus money is in roster bonuses that they can get out of paying by moving him - so the bonus money figures reported long ago might not fully represent the situation)

Apparently Minnesota's shopping around of Culpepper is becoming even more of the league's worst-kept secret. Some have declared the Vikings to now be "actively" shopping Culpepper, with a price tag of a 2nd round pick.

Idiot. Both Culpepper and those that think Johnson will be the man for the job there long term.

Culpepper to Oakland? TO to Oakland? That would be quite the passing offense. Let the internet rumors begin!

Oh no, the 57 year old QB isn't long term anything. But I don't think the Vikings would be idiots if they used him next year as a one year stop-gap solution. Better yet, draft a QB (or acquire a young gun like Garrard or Rivers, or maybe someone even greener) and let them either compete with Johnson for the job and/or learn behind him (and if Johnson doesn't start, he can do the Kitna mentor/veteran backup thing).

They probably won't be in a position to draft one of the three 1st round QBs though, and neither Garrard nor Rivers would be cheap in terms of trade price. So we'll see.

Of course, these are the Vikings. They could very well hit the trade market and end up offering their own 2nd rounder for Culpepper before realizing their mistake

He's got to be angling for a trade. Maybe he misses Mike Tice so much he's trying to get them to send him to the Jags for Garrard in a 1 for 1 trade deal.

Minase wrote:

He's got to be angling for a trade. Maybe he misses Mike Tice so much he's trying to get them to send him to the Jags for Garrard in a 1 for 1 trade deal.

Oh god, that would be a dark day.

The only Tice player I want are his linemen - especially Matt Birk.

I want Jacksonville to move Garrard in order to either get a 2nd rounder, or move up in round 1 where they could take a running back like LenDale White or DeAngelo Williams. Though I still have a lot of stuff on my TiVo (all three major all-star bowls, and all the Senior Bowl practices) to watch before deciding on the running back class.