"Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie" 3 pages

The man on the plane and the person that started the outbreak were from the same initial location. Duh. Now, after a 3 year leave of absence, you may continue.

Jesus, what a thread necro.

Ah great, now the thread title is wrong.

Some things are better left buried, now you have unleashed Zombie Dannon Light n' Fit Smoothie.

Ngghhhh.... delicious and nutritious yogurt-based snaaaaaaack...

Badferret wrote:

Zombie Dannon Light n' Fit Smoothie.

Is that like good and bad slime in Ghostbusters II?

The threadres isn't my fault! Rat Boy included it on the List of Great threads in the user guide, and I just had to look!

Anyways, we need to set the record even higher and go for a few more pages of sloppy, slimy, festering, moldy, oozing Dannon Light 'N Fit smoothie goodness.