GWJHL Week 10!

You out there Legion? It looks like our game will be meaningless to the playoff scene but I'm up for it if you are.

WTG Poppin! I really though Certis was going undefeated.

gwartok wrote:

WTG Poppin! I really though Certis was going undefeated.

Thanks! I'm happy as a little girl!

Now, to go get pounded in the playoffs...

Hey gwartok - sorry, was so busy modding the Xbox that I forgot to keep an eye on this thread.

If you want to squeeze it in today (Tuesday), then I'll do that. Otherwise, let's just flip it and let it go to playoffs.

This is the absolute last thing I am playing online on the old Xbox, and right now, I have to hook the Xbox to a different physical part of the network to play it on Live instead of have it act as a media center. So I can't wait to be done with that and playing 360 only.

But I plan on winning this league! Certis is going down!

Certis, CF and I played our game on the 360, he beat me.

We had a great time. 1st time I've missed the playoffs, though.

Your memory's failing you, airdale. You won the Week 10 tilt. Certis, give Swamps the win.

Ah, yes. .

I was "victorious", Certis, and I demand my spoils!

Forgot something Demi? Or did your building blow up again?

Green, shouldn't your location read "Go, whatever team I think will help me not suck, Go!"?

I can't do tonight Legion so go ahead and roll for it.

I didn't make the playoffs so this is it for me. Thanks for the good games everyone, had a blast! Hopefully I can finagle a 360 in the next few months and catch up with you all again soon.

It was great playing with you gwartok, get your hands on a 360 post-haste!

Yeah, good having you with us, Gwartok. Hope you can join us in 360 land!

Much like Legion, I was so busy messing with modding my Xbox and tweaking it that I completely missed our game. We can either try tonight or you can have the win.

Actually, my cable is really flakey tonight (not sure where the problem is) so maybe you should just take the win and roll into the playoffs.

I'm not going to have a 360 for a while, probably, so let me just say thanks for letting me play in all these leagues. Hope you guys have a blast on the new platform!

Sell a kidney and get a 360 already.

As for the win well it doesn't really matter. Coin toss I guess.

Playoffs are now on! Good luck and thanks to everyone else for playing!