1st NHL 360 League signups!

Silence you!

PollyPockets, Looks like I will be away until Sunday night. Does Sunday night @ 10 EST work for you? If not give me a weeknight > 7 PM EST.

Sorry swamp, workin tonight *bleh* I never get home till about 2AM PST. Ever up that late?

He he, not often these days. Let me know when you can play bud.

I gave Green a firm 7 - 3 spanking, he was getting a little too cocky about being undefeated

Hate. Rising.

I'm still happy about my game though. I deserved a hell lot better. Like 7-4 or something. Anyway, it was fun. Mostly.

Good game Shawny.

Green and Psycho - my last 4 games are with the two of you. When do you want to try and prevent my perfect 10-0 season?

Well my undefeated season got butt-pounded by my games with Green - first with a disconnect on my end in a game that I was leading 4-3 in the 3rd (but a game I plan to just let stand anyway, as I'm not going to miss the playoffs or anything), and then on a 7-6 loss to Green on a last-minute goal in which my goalie completely ignored the loose puck sliding in his direction - giving Green's shooter a nice open net to tap it in at.

Of course, as the scores show, both games were knife-fights the whole way, and I just couldn't get a break at the end of either.

The games did help me identify a weakness in my game that Green's style of play happened to take advantage of - an issue that I will correct in time for a nice Cup run.

Not a chance. I figured you out, one trick pony.

Whatever happens in the playoffs, you can't take that victory back from me. I've managed to beat you and Cervix once, my job here is done.

Poly, any free time coming up?

Yeah what he said.

Yeah, Saturday or Sunday. Also, next Wednesday is my last day at work (my choice) and I have about a week before I start moving.... after that I'll have the usual post-move net blackout. Sure they can get you your DSL modem in 2 days, they just dont activate it for 2 weeks.

OK, I should be available both days and nights. Let me know.

SwampYankee wrote:

OK, I should be available both days and nights.

Isn't that like admitting to no outside social life?

I'm married, Leg. Duh.


I think I have two games each left with Legion and Coldie. If you see me online this weekend we can try to knock them out. Sorry I haven't been on much lately.

Bump to remind everyone this league exists.

At this point I have games against Poly (Liquid) and one more against frankie. If you guys want to schedule something, let me know. I'm pretty flexible! We could play hockey too.

I have 8 played and am 0-8. I have 2 left against Poly. I am thinking of starting a new traditionally scheduled league, but I want feedback on the Swampicus Cup Tourney settings before I do so.

I am also starting to think that the game seems biased towards the away teams. Just a suspicion at this point.

SwampYankee wrote:

I have 8 played and am 0-8. I have 2 left against Poly. I am thinking of starting a new traditionally scheduled league, but I want feedback on the Swampicus Cup Tourney settings before I do so.

After the completion of this league, I would be in favor of another league scheduled any way you want it. Traditional scheduling is great as long as everyone in the league keeps up.

I will need some time. Im in the middle of a move, staying at a hotel right now but am pretty much decided on a place, so if SBC is quick hooking me up, then I have some free time I can whip some butt in!...
but what are the odds of SBC being quick? Seems like it always takes 2 weeks to activate

NP Poly, let me know when you're back online.

Legion, I think it is easier to keep guys up to speed when you can set a deadline and award wins to people that are trying to play the game and then roll forward.

frankie and I played our Swampicus games and our league games last night. We're both of the opinion that something is a bit diddled in the tournament settings as scoring seems a bit out of control. Admittedly, I was able to penetrate and get some serious shots in, but I was just shellacking him in the tourney. When we played our league game I won, but the scoring was a bit more under control.

Scoring is easier in SIM mode?

OK, I'll see what I can do about changing them mid-stream, and I'm tracking the feedback for the next league's settings. Any other suggestions?

frankie -- and, by definition, Green -- thinks that it's a little slow and prefers the league settings. I prefer a slower game, though perhaps a tick up on speed wouldn't be a bad thing.

Don't you see you're way too old to be playing games, Pops?

The league settings are the exact same as the default SIM settings with one exception - Poly increased the goalie skill sliders. All in all, I'd say those settings have been optimal, and the lack of such an increase would help explain scoring increases in the Cup tournament.

There's no way that the league settings are on default SIM game speed.

Well ask Poly, he might have bumped it up slightly.

EDIT - From the web pages:

League game speed: 20%
Cup game speed: 15%

So there is a little difference, about one slider bump.