GWJCFFL Superbowl. Prediction Time!

It's me and Jimmdogg in the final showdown this week and I'll be honest with you, my chances aren't looking too great. Mr.Dogg has put together an impressive line-up and this week they have some great match-ups too.

I've got more eggs in the Tampa Bay basket than I'd like but you can't ignore Cadillac's usual performance against the Falcons.

JimmDogg's WienerBombs

QB C. Palmer (CIN - QB) Buf 1:00 pm 0

RB J. Bettis (PIT - RB) P @Cle 1:00 pm 0

RB R. Johnson (CIN - RB) P Buf 1:00 pm 0

WR H. Ward (PIT - WR) P @Cle 1:00 pm 0

WR S. Smith (CAR - WR) Dal 1:00 pm 0

WR D. Stallworth (NO - WR) Det 1:00 pm 0

TE C. Cooley (WAS - TE) NYG 1:00 pm 0

K N. Rackers (ARI - K) P Phi 4:05 pm 0

D/ST Chicago (CHI - D/ST) @GB 5:00 pm


Certs Fresh

QB T. Brady (NE - QB) P @NYJ 9:00 pm 0

RB C. Dillon (NE - RB) @NYJ 9:00 pm 0

RB C. Williams (TB - RB) Atl 1:00 pm 0

WR J. Galloway (TB - WR) Atl 1:00 pm 0

WR R. Moss (OAK - WR) P @Den 4:15 pm 0

WR M. Clayton (BAL - WR) Min 8:30 pm 0

TE J. Stevens (SEA - TE) Ind 4:15 pm 0

K J. Brown (SEA - K) Ind 4:15 pm 0

D/ST Minnesota (MIN - D/ST) @Bal 8:30 pm 0


No love for GWJFFL 2 I see.


I'm not the commish for that one

Good luck to you, Sir.

I find it amusing that we are both so confident in our teams, that we BOTH picked up players in the last week and are STARTING THEM. Fantastic.

My defense could beat your whole team. Go Packers!

Well, for those of you who might still care, here is the final score!

JimmDogg: 68
Certis: 65

I came alot closer than I was expecting, being down 28 points coming into Monday night's game. Dillon and Brady clocked in two TD's a piece but couldn't sneak another before they were benched for the rest of the night. JimmDogg put together an excellent line-up and quite frankly, I had a lot of lucky match-ups this year. So it goes in fantasy football

Great season everyone, it's too bad Fox didn't work out so well but we had some great games in the second half of the season none the less. See you next year!

Congrats Jimmdogg, you certainly had the strongest team going into post season.

As always I can't wait for next year, and by the time we get to next year I will have lost most of my interest in keeping up with what is happening in the NFL, I will be ill prepaired for the draft but gung ho and ready to go!

That is of course if we stay the hell away from that god forsaken Fox site!

karmajay won league #2. Good effort Redhawk.

I'll be expecting an invite to the paying league next year as well.

karmajay wrote:

karmajay won league #2. Good effort Redhawk.

I'll be expecting an invite to the paying league next year as well. :)

Me too!

Good game Karma, I've been on vacation and spaced on getting Peyton out of the starting lineup. Not that it would've mattered Bledsoe wouldn't have giving me enough to win anyway.

Ended up 11-2 in both the leagues I was in this year. Got bounced in the championship game in one league and won the championship in the other.

Still hurting over the A. Smith debacle, I have to say I was rootin' for the ragin' Canadian to take it all (esp since he beat me TWICE by 1 point)