To the surprise of none: Eddie Olczyk out in Pittsburgh

Michel Therrien will replace him.

Everybody knew this was coming, and probably soon after the Pens dismal performance of late. I'm actually somewhat optimistic on this. While I don't think Eddie O was really to blame, I do think that he lacked the voice to make the players listen to him. If Michel Therrien (the Pens AHL affiliate coach and an ex-Canadaiens head coach) can't force the Pens into a system, I'm not sure anyone can. Color me hopeful.

I also have to add, however, my frustration with the Pens GM Craig Patrick. He has made a career out of one good move: trading John Cullen and Zarly Zalapski for Ron Francis and Ulf Samuelsson. That was 15 years ago. Since then, he's made largely terrible decisions, including allowing all of these terrible, puppet-like coaches to come in ever since Scotty Bowman left, apparently because Lemieux didn't feel like having someone around telling him what to do. If there's anyone who is most to blame for this travesty, it's probably Patrick, but he looks like a lifer in the organization. Argh!

I once took the Pens to the Stanley Cup finals. If they need me again, have 'em call.

Yeah, this was totally expected. Not sure if anything will change, the Pens defence is absolutely terrible.