What RSS reader do you use?

Google Reader!

My only gripe is that sometimes I scroll too fast through articles that I don't want to read (ie: digg's feed after I've been away for a while) and it doesn't count them as read.

Arr Ess Ess? Me no use dose thingajoos.

Another vote for Google Reader. It's my homepage and just always open in my first tab.

+1 for Google Reader. I love it.

Still one more +1 for Google Reader. I started using it right after they released it into the wild, and have loved it ever since. Lets me dig through all the crap on Slashdot, Engadget and other blog-style news sites, as well as check them when they post interesting stuff that I have comments on. It's gotten a ton better in the last 6 months, so if you haven't checked it out yet, ya might want to give it a whirl.



Google Reader is a fantastic piece of software, I like it a lot.

Akgregator, the kde aggregator. Its pretty quick, and stays out of my way when I want it to.

Previously I had used both firefox and thunderbird, and neither made me very happy. They both seemed slow, didn't always work correctly, and it turns out I didn't like the extra clutter involved of having an rss feeder inside of my email or browser.

Google Reader, it lets me read from the websites that my company deems inappropriate for my fragile little mind.

Given the votes here, I decided to give Google Reader a try. I was formerly using Sage and Thunderbird. Me likee new Google reader. +1 for working on my phone, which doesn't accept atom feeds w/ the native application. It also turns out that must have given the old Google reader the once over, since I had imported my Sage feeds already. Nice to have it up and running before I clicked anything.

I just started using Google Reader as well. I really like(d) newsvibes, but it hasn't been working very well for the last 2 months or so.

I thought I'd revive this thread, since I'm also a Google Reader user and I'd love to get connected to those of you who also use it. Currently, I'm already using it and following TheRealEdwin and WordSmythe. I find interesting shared-items from both of them. What about the rest of you?

If interested, feel free to add me at my handle [at] gmail.com.

I use a program called Juice.

It's the only one I've found that works through my firewall.

I know grobstein's on there, but I'm not sure if he wants that info public.

Here's my shared page.

Another vote for Google Reader. It replaced Thunderbird. In fact, I recently moved entirely to Google online. All of my email accounts forward to gmail and all of my contacts are there as well. It's really convenient to have contacts, mail, calendar, docs, etc. right there and accessible from anywhere. I've adopted Picasa too and I'm learning to love it.

I highly recommend former Lifehacker editor Gina Trapani's Firefox extensions for gmail, greader, gcalendar, etc. Her plugin, Better Greader, opens the website in the greader window when you expand an article. It's a small thing but brilliant. I love not having to navigate away from greader to see the full article and participate in comments if I wish.

Gonna check out your guys' shared feeds.

TheArtOfScience wrote:

I use a program called Juice.

It's the only one I've found that works through my firewall.

I'm still curious about people who use native clients for this. Does your firewall block google? Are you subscribed to a lot of multimedia-bearing feeds?

Just curious why anyone would use anything besides GReader or Bloglines or the like.
I offloaded my email to someone else's servers as soon as I could and RSS feeds the day Bloglines opened.
Being able to have automatically synced up data on any machine I logged into was wonderful.

What is it that makes a native client more valuable/useful to you?

I switched from my beloved Bloglines to Google Reader. Bloglines had way too much downtime there for a while. Haven't looked back.

I had been using Feed Demon for quite a while, but it became unrealiable for me. There were 3 or 4 feeds it simply refused to update. The feed URL had not changed, and even deleting and re-adding a feed did not fix it. Also, the synchronization between FD and Newsgator wasn't as seamless as I expected it to be. I switched to Google Reader, and it's been working fine for me without giving me any trouble, doesn't need to be synced, and doesn't care about feed entry limits.

Up to that point I had preferred FD because it felt a bit faster and less sluggish - in terms of accessing options or articles - because there's always a slight delay with web-based apps, but I'm fine with GR now.

I've used FeedDemon for a long time. I've only glanced at GReader and it didn't seem that it offered the same organization that FeedDemon does.


I've been tasked with writing some user ed documentation for a new RSS feature at my Daily Planet job.

The world is a mighty different place than it was when this thread (and my setup in general) was running. What do you use?

Are there any other readers out there? Like does anyone still use Atom?

I've got text in the works for Google Reader, IE's built in stuff, and I'm going to figure out how to setup Firefox and Chrome for it (at least to the point where I say you need a plug-in for it and send them to a list of them). I was going to throw a nod to the possibility of doing it via phones/tablets, but just tell them they're going to have to figure it out.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

momgamer, are you looking for different mediums, ie phones, tablets, browser, desktop or or a how people use readers throughout the day?

I've been using RSS for a few years now and not only did I gravitate towards Google Reader, any app I want to try on my Android Phone or Android Tablet MUST have an option to import or sync with Google Reader.

For the desktop (work) I use Chrome with a pinned tab to GR.
For Android (both Phone and Nexus7) I use gReader Pro which I remember being at $6.00, but has paid itself over.

To complement a bit; I like Pocket as well, and I save many of my feeds to Pocket which I usually read at night before going to bed.

The wife uses a BlackBerry (stop laughing you guys, seriously) and uses the mobile version of Google's Reader page. She has an iPhone (which she uses as an iPod TBH) and stll uses the mobile page; we haven't really like any reader for iOS. Like me, my wife's critical requirement is the ability to import or sync with Google Reader or she won't have it.

That's good information, Hobbes.

I'm looking for what people use. We're implementing a feature that uses RSS, and I need to write up support documentation for our customer support people, and also for our users. Google Reader was already on my list, and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who relies on it.

I use Flipboard pretty much as my RSS reader, nothing else I've tred on iOS (including Reeder) comes close to what I enjoy about it.

I'm still using FeedDemon on PC, FeeddlerPro on iPad, and NewsRob on Android, all with Google Reader as the backend ring to rule them all.

momgamer wrote:

That's good information, Hobbes.

I'm looking for what people use. We're implementing a feature that uses RSS, and I need to write up support documentation for our customer support people, and also for our users. Google Reader was already on my list, and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who relies on it. ;)

Steps for importing the rss is essential.
If your RSS allows for customization, make it loud and clear; most personalized RSS assume you know how to do that.

Googling top rss shows the usual suspects; a couple of screenshots or links to setting up will save you a lot of time.

as a big fan of RSS, I would implore that whatever it is that you do with RSS, show SOME content in the RSS; Penny Arcade drives me insane by keeping their webcomic out of the rss, forcing you to enter their site.

I use Google Reader at home and Firefox Live Bookmarks at work.

Google Reader via Chrome on PC, Flipboard on iOS (pulling from my Google Reader feed).

Personally cant stand the randomness of flipboard and am I die hard Reeder fan on both ipad and iphone. I use google reader to sync to both and read in the browser via chrome on a computer. And dito Hobbes, I really dislike how some RSSs dont show anything.

Okay, what I do is I subsribe to feeds on Google Reader,

but at the office I use a program called Feed Demon. I then adjust it so that it doesn't show any images and modify the layout a bit so that it looks like an email client. Thus when I'm at work reading my feed it looks like I'm reading a very long email and so no one gets nosy or think that I'm slacking.