GWJCFFL Playoffs, Round One!

Here are the final line-ups, good luck everyone! Remember, the Superbowl champ gets a cool $100 bucks US and the 2ND place winner gets $20.

Gaald - Bye
Certis - Bye

Pigpen's Pigskinz

QB J. Delhomme (CAR - QB) TB 1:00 pm

RB R. Williams (MIA - RB) @SD 4:15 pm

RB T. Duckett (ATL - RB) NO 9:00 pm

WR M. Harrison (IND - WR) @Jac 1:00 pm

WR T. Taylor (MIN - WR) StL 1:00 pm

WR C. Chambers (MIA - WR) @SD 4:15 pm

TE A. Gates (SD - TE) Mia 4:15 pm

K J. Kasay (CAR - K) TB 1:00 pm

D/ST Carolina (CAR - D/ST) TB 1:00 pm


Bagga's Chipz

QB D. Brees (SD - QB) Mia 4:15 pm

RB F. Taylor (JAC - RB) P Ind 1:00 pm

RB L. Tomlinson (SD - RB) Q Mia 4:15 pm

WR M. Muhammad (CHI - WR) P @Pit 1:00 pm

WR T. Glenn (DAL - WR) KC 4:15 pm

WR D. Branch (NE - WR) @Buf 1:00 pm

TE K. Mangum (CAR - TE) P TB 1:00 pm

K J. Reed (PIT - K) Chi 1:00 pm

D/ST Cincinnati (CIN - D/ST) Cle 1:00 pm


JimmDogg's Wiener Bombs

QB C. Palmer (CIN - QB) Cle 1:00 pm

RB R. Johnson (CIN - RB) P Cle 1:00 pm

RB M. Moore (MIN - RB) P StL 1:00 pm

WR H. Ward (PIT - WR) Chi 1:00 pm

WR S. Smith (CAR - WR) TB 1:00 pm

WR L. Evans (BUF - WR) NE 1:00 pm

TE C. Cooley (WAS - TE) @Ari 4:05 pm

K R. Bironas (TEN - K) Hou 1:00 pm

D/ST Chicago (CHI - D/ST) @Pit 1:00 pm



QB B. Johnson (MIN - QB) StL 1:00 pm

RB C. Martin (NYJ - RB) Q Oak 1:00 pm

RB M. Anderson (DEN - RB) Bal 4:15 pm

WR P. Burress (NYG - WR) @Phi 4:05 pm

WR S. Moss (WAS - WR) P @Ari 4:05 pm

WR R. Wayne (IND - WR) @Jac 1:00 pm

TE M. Pollard (DET - TE) @GB 8:30 pm

K R. Longwell (GB - K) Det 8:30 pm

D/ST Pittsburgh (PIT - D/ST) Chi 1:00 pm

Pigpen and Jimmdogg win! Looks like next week it will be Certis VS. Pigpen and Gaald VS. Jimmdogg.

Piggy, you'll have to come over on Sunday!

Hurray! Complaining worked! I had a crappy week, but Ely out crapped me.

Palmer sure picked a nice week to go in the tank. I know it was cold, but come on. Less than a 100 yards passing?



Well put.


For some reason I picture you typing this one handed while sipping a Mai Tai in your bamboo skirt and coconut bikini.

Congrats to those who won. Anyone else find it strange that the website makes it look like in the 2nd round 1st goes against 5th while 2nd gets to play the 6th seed? I always thought 1st got the privilage of playing the lowest seed remaining.

I am not sure who I want to play against next week, I just have a bad feeling either way!

Stric9 wrote:

For some reason I picture you typing this one handed while sipping a Mai Tai in your bamboo skirt and coconut bikini.

The reason you picture this is because you're staring in my window. Look, but jeez.

Gaald, you got put in the bracket with the 4 and 5 teams, Certis with the 3 and 6. Bagga got unlucky (or Pigpen lucky) and the 6 seed won so you have to play a higher seed. It's just like the NFL playoffs.

Crap. I was out of it for a little while with job related stuff, and had only been maintaining my team on Yahoo. At least I'm in the playoffs in that league... :-\

Ugh, TJ Ducket couldn't come up with 1 freakin' point? That hurts emotionally.

Unless Samkon Gado and Todd Heap combine for 32 points, it's a Certis - JimmDogg finale*, barring any scoring restatements.

*These results are unofficial.

barring any scoring restatements.

They re-adjusted Pigpen to within one point this morning

It was a amazing, Gates being held so low and Duckett getting -2 yards on EIGHT attempts is the kind of luck that is sure to turn on me come this week's big finale. The Brady to Dillon passing TD saved me, go Pats!

Oh god, my whole season up in smoke because Green Bay can't pull it's head out of it's ass! The only way i was going to win this week was to have Gado run all over Baltimore, which I thought was a sure thing! Than Baltimore being forced to throw to keep up would have given the ball to heap and he also would have scored. Instead Green Bay is getting it's ass handed to them and the only player I have doing well is Heap! GRRRRRR!

Congrats to the finalists. I can't believe Certis won, that makes my lose that much worse!

Actually, Gado got hurt in the first quarter. He looked really good until then. My season was saved by a knee injury! It almost makes up for having 30+ points on the bench during my biggest game of the year.

To Certis: Game on, bitch!

Also, please re-read the check I sent you.

I just took the "survey" offered by Fox Fantasy Sports about our league and basically read them the riot act. At the bottom of the survey in tiny little letters:

"Powered by Gamespy and IGN Networks".

I kid you not.

Explains so much.

Oh boy. I had no idea there even was a survey.

Is there anything that could make you change your mind? (about not planning to use Fox Fantasy Football next year)

Me:Compensate me monetarily for all of the time I wasted on your craptastic site. Then, offer up a free beer (micro brew, dammit) and a lap dance by Denise Richards for each instance where you waste my time with another website bug. Also, bring back ALF in prime time. Otherwise, no deal. You've lost another customer for life.