2005 Grey Cup

I'm confused why we have no discussion going on of that fantastic Grey Cup game last night. Yeah, the first half was boring, but a championship game, two great catches in OT to send to double OT, then a long FG, and ending with a QB trying to 'kick' the ball forward in some vain hopes at triggering an arcane CFL rule.

Excellent game, and well done by Edmonton!

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Had it on last night in the background while working on my fireplace mantel. My father-in-law is from Montreal, so he was apesh*t happy that the game was on down here and, even better, in high def. He jumped up and down when they "scored" the final "touchdown" but I told him they'd likely disallow it and, lo and behold, they did. He was moderately upset.

I didn't get to watch it :(. I really like the CFL and with the Grey Cup in Vancouver I noticed a lot more fans than usual. However, most were Rough Rider fans.

I wish the CFL was played before or after the NFL season. Then maybe there'd be some interest in showing it on American TV.

Hell, I loved watching the XFL just because it was real (read: not Arena) football in February through April.