[WoW] 1.9.0 test realm is up.. sorta (and patch notes!)

The thing is, has anyone tried out a lot of plus holy damage gear on the revamped paladins? If I understand correctly, it will work on judgement of righteousness if not seal of righteousness. Critadins may be borked but the stock pally seems to be working well with their stock skills. Plus exorcism works on demons which should make it more useful. I really wish the hammer of wrath spell was available much lower say level 30. I havent used it yet but it seems to fill a glaring gap in the paladin's arsenal.

Strekos wrote:

Both soul link not working w/ enslaved demons and diminishing returns on enslave are on the "Being Investigated" sticky list on the test forum. So, those changes may be unintended. I sure hope so, we'll see.

Bah, diminishing returns on enslave now listed as "not a bug."