29 no-nos for gamers over age 30

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30. Ask the internet to tell you what you should do with your life

I also object to the "Look upskirt the female character" thing. : D

I've seen 'ninja' used as a verb by itself, but generally only in reference to a company sneaking in a nerf/bad patch/etc.

ColdForged wrote:
A'right. I'm gonna lay myself out here. Bogart and Tea Bag sound like some great slang to mix into my daily vocabulary. I'd love to start using them but, and I hesitate to admit this, I don't know what they mean. So, before I embarass myself telling my co-worker that he just pulled a bogart on his diet coke or my gf to stop teabagging the cat, please help a brother out with a clear, concise definition.

Someone covered "bogart" well enough. To "teabag" someone is to "greet them in a particularly effusive manner." Therefore the following sentences are acceptable, nay, hip.

"Hi John, it is my distinct pleasure to teabag you."

"My, he's a friendly one. Look how thoroughly he's teabagging that woman."

I use it almost hourly.

Ack! Beer all over the monitor. Mmm beer.

What about naming characters 'my penis' in RPGs just to see lines like "my penis! I'll beat you, my penis, if it's the last thing I do! or "Rescue the princess? Why don't you talk to my penis?"

That's something I should have outgrown when I was 15 or 16, yet I haven't. If the big 30 hasn't cured me of that immaturity then I guess I get to pass Go all the way to the finish line!

"my penis will lead the way!"
"my penis is proficient in swordplay"

The possibilities are endless.

"my penis is the most powerful in all the land"

"my penis duels frequently"

"my penis has very high stamina"

"my penis is looking for treasure in a cave"

And some men wonder why women believe that all men are idiots.

Fletcher wrote:

And some men wonder why women believe that all men are idiots.

Yes, but we Goodjers are idiots in a subtle ironic and thus fashionable kind of way. So when I named my pizza's in Pizza Tycoon "my penis, my mother, my dick" or whatever just to hear the customers say they've just eaten their dangly bits or close relatives that's très high brow and fancy and stuff.

Fletcher wrote:

And some men wonder why women believe that all men are idiots.

I never wondered. If I don't induce eye-rolling from my wife at least once a day I'm not doing my job.

hmm. what about the guys who talk like an FM rap single, complaining about lag.
"With a __________ and a__________ with the_________ in the _______ shi___? hells yeah______ ____________. F__________ and the__________ to the pus___ lag fu__ ni____!"