[WOW] Any Antipodean GWJers thinking about/on the new Oceania servers?

Because me and some people I know made up characters on Frostmourne (the PVP one) yesterday.

Look up Needhealplz (human priest) on the Alliance side if you join me there...

Mike, are you down in that part of the world? I don't know too many GWJers off the top of my head that are down there. Always fun to start on a new server though.

BTW, your name violates the naming conventions, you might be asked to change it later.

Yes, I'm a New Zealander.

And I am aware that a name change might be called for, but I am going to struggle on with that one for the time being

Last night I discovered the disadvantage of a new server... having to wait in a queue! Oh well.