Texas losing

Counting all your chicks befor ethey hatch!

All the hubbub about Texas jumping USC in the BCS may be all for naught!

Ok State leads 28-12 at the half! Crazy!

Looks like UT is catching up.


@Legion the Hawaii/Fresno State game is actually quite a bit of fun to watch. Land of the undead NFL coaches (Jones and Glanville) making a bid for the comeback of the Run n Shoot.

Oh heck!

/BCS for the win

Fripper - Of course, I was watching that game.

Hawaii is always a good game for Fresno. Even in down years, Hawaii's got a hell of a home field advantage with the flight it takes to get out there, and it helps when the team flying out to see them is a WAC team, someone they see every year.

I love June Jones and Jerry Glanville. I wish they didn't coach Hawaii.

As for UT, as some on TV pointed out, this has happened three years running.

Three years in a row now, OK State has led at halftime.

Three years now, UT went *off* in the 2nd half, while OK State was held without a single point.

Stupid Gators.


Holy escape artists...me!

Not just Texas, but the overrated UCLA Bruins, as well.

Stupid Gators.


I'm surprised it was so clse with the Georgia QB out. ESPn is touting the gators win over Georgia but if I was a Gator I would feel lucky. If the starter was in there they would have got beat.

Kinda like that FSU/Tenn championship game. FSU had the backup QB and that non call fumble killed us and we still almost won. Grrrr! Where is your fumbling punk ass now Tee Martin?


Just saw the replay of Georgia HB pass to the QB for the score. Man did that backup QB work his ass off on that play. Got steped on and fell to the ground as he took the snap/pitched to the HB. Gets up rolls out and leaps over a defender to make the catch, then stretches as he gets hit again to get the ball into the endzone. Heck of a play.

Gotta agree with Karma though, if DJ Shockley was playing I don't think Florida wins that game.

As for UCLA, that's 4 4th quarter comebacks in the last 5 games.