Guys still playing MLB2k5 look here!

OK, executive decision time.

I'm going to kill the MINORS league tonight, and set up an 8 player, 12 game season and an 8 player tournement.

We have 8 guys wanting to play, who look forward to their games, so this should be a cinch.

Although I don't expect a rush, it'll be first come first serve, but if we get >8 I reserve the right to replace more casual (as far as scheduling games fast) players with more dedicated ones.

Settings will be the same as with the tourney we just played, including the house rules on pitching fatigue and using pitchers as they are ion RL, not as 2k has them (starter, closer, etc.)

The Fielder Turbo will be jacked down.

I will score tons of runs, and still be below .500. Like I said, everything will be the same.

I'll post here when they are set up, which will be tonight (Thurs).

I don't know if I can do both the tourney and season but I'm calling dibs on the D-Rays.

Go with the tourney then, it will go faster and be a lot of fun.

I'd also be up for the tourney, but I'm not sure if I can swing a league...

OK, see the thread for those. If you can only do one, I think the ourney is the best bet.

Me = Both = Tigers.