*Updated With New Kickass Demo* Serious Sam II Demo!

I can't help it... you actually have to assign look directions with the mouse?! How the hell does that make things better?!

Think about it like the developers did, pretend you're using an XBox. It makes a certain amount of sense on an XBox. It's almost impossible to use on a PC. Just like the rest of the menus.

fangblackbone wrote:

SS1 did have areas where you had to clear the enemies before progressing. However, IIRC, it was waves of dozens of enemies at once. The game now sprinkles a few guys at you here and there from sparse directions, fooling you into thinking alls clear. And then of course you bump into the energy beam barriers and you get confused as to which way to progress.

That bugged the hell out of me. It felt like I was at a damn skeet shoot, not being chased by hunderds of aliens!

Also, for whatever reason (running a server?) it didn't run as well as I thought it should have, even on medium. I've even got a faster machine than Podunk...

I didn't have to do it either until I accidentally click-dragged across that option and it changed. Even if you didn't have to change it, doesn't it seem... I dunno, stupid? There's a checkbox for mouselook (and to invert it, I think), so why on earth would you need to *assign* the damn movement of the mouse? It's silly, I tell you.

I'm glad someone enjoyed it... I'm all for reclaiming past experiences, just not having much luck at it

EDIT: Didn't see the second page of posts before tossing this up and so I missed Pyroman's explanation. That makes somewhat more sense... particularly the idiotic "keyboard" entry, although if this is how every shop is going to handle XBox & PC releases, I'm going to be grumpy. Still, I've seen... on the PS2, don't have an XBox... options for mouselook/inversion without actually assigning the key. And wait... isn't the XBox360 supposed to allow keyboard hookup?

I think I'm more confused now

I'd say it was fun, tho in my opinion the weapons looks really stupid. I'm not sure whos idea it was to replace the shotgun with the merry-go-round excuse of a gun, but he should be punched in the face.

There are two shotguns in the demo. One looks slightly more realistic.

I find it interesting that an advanced alien race has an abundance of buckshot lying about.

Ick. Control setup with mouselook is horrid. Then when I got into actual play, half the time the game ignored my vertical mouse movements. This made combat pretty difficult. Then the blaring static began pouring through my speakers. That's when I quit.

Urgh, put me in the "not impressed" camp.

Graphically the engine doesn't offer anything we haven't seen before. I turned HDR on and off but I couldn't see any difference. It ran well enough, though there were hitches when I turned around quickly.

I only played until I reached the first jumping puzzle. How stupid can the developers get!? I tried 10 times or so and then uninstalled. That right there destroyed any chance that I would give Serious Sam 2 a look again.

The best part of the demo was the title movie. I laugh everytime I see the piggy man cheer when his fellows are crushed by the "Serious Sam" letters.

Forget that old crap, here's Croteam's demo. That other demo was shoved out the door by Take 2 at the last minute.

Seriously, it's such an improvement I'm considering going out and buying Serious Sam II when I pick up Civ IV next week. Night and day.


I've got the full version and its freaking awesome. Love love love it.

LobsterMobster wrote:

Does it also include Sam's new Down's Syndrome powers? Seriously, they need to get the old artist back.


The additional level on the new demo is fantastic. When the bombheads broke out, I about lost it ). A definate buy.

Downloading the new improved demo now.

I enjoyed the first demo enough to consider the full game, but it got eclipsed by purchases like FEAR and Quake 4.

If the new demo is really that much better than the first I'll probably grab the full game since it's on the cheap side.

Yeah after playing a little more of the demo last night I'm definitely picking this up when I get Civ IV. It actually feels like Serious Sam.