Alchemy Potion Sellers (Horde)

I'm at a lost at trying to find seller for potions 225+. I've checked Thottbot, Alakhazam etc. but I can't seem to find them. I've gone to Swamp of Sorrows to upgrade myself to Artisan. The Ogri' trainer hasn't had anything for me since about 185. UC did for awhile, but now nothing. I bought a few scrolls from the above trainer, but he had no potions. Same goes for leads I read about at Ferelas, Gadge' and Winterspring (Evie just offer's 4 vials, even tho' I read that she is suppose to offer advance potions). I'm presently 233 and I would of swore that the UC trainer had several reds waiting for me. Can you some how bypass opportunities to buy? I realize that many, if not most advanced potions are drops, but I see several still to be trained (if I'm reading Thott' and Alakh' correctly).So, if someone would be so kind to not only tell me what place there are at, but where (are they in some small hut outside towns etc.) I would be most grateful.


Edit: I forgot to ask about a Horde going to Westfall and Sentinel Hill? I read that someone there traines a Stoneskin potion. Would I get hammered?

There aren't any. From what the artisian trainer has on are all drops.

if I recall correctly.. (it was a while ago since my Shaman was my alchemist) that level was difficult as I basically had to make like 1 type of potion to advance... but I believe you can go into some instance and buy a Mana Potion receipe

O.k. Thanks for the info folks