GWJCFFL Waiver Wire Oct 16th

With Fox's waiver wire not working quite right (players on waivers are not given the two day waiting period to give people with a higher waiver order a chance to get them) we're going to have to handle it ourselves. That being the case, if there is a player on waivers you decide you want to pick up this weekend please post his name and team in here and we'll do the waivers manually. On the site, when you put a waiver request in it's a public thing anyways so that's how we'll do it here.

I will also be posting this on the GWJCFFL site as well, anyone just picking people up willy nilly after Monday will have their transaction reversed. I believe the waiver system is on hold come Thursday, once we get there you can pick players up with no delay again until Sunday kick-off.

The Smith issue is up to JimmDogg, he picked him up through the broken waiver system before this was put in place. There will be no further discussion about it in this thread, so say we all.

Good luck this week!

On the site, when you put a waiver request in it's a public thing anyways so that's how we'll do it here.

Are you sure about that? I had a waiver claim earlier in the year, and it didn't show up until I got the player. Most other leagues do NOT show waiver requests until they are filled.

Could have sworn on Yahoo is was public, I figured how Fox may or may not handle it doesn't matter

If anyone can confirm one way or another, I'm fine with PM's to the commish (me) as well.

Jimmdogg since you are posting in this thread can you also check your PM box.

Unless you didn't answer me on purpose...:(

/insert muzac playing 'I Believe I can Fly'

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\end muzak

Tony Fisher is mine

Tony Fisher and Air McNair will both be on waivers and be SWEET PICKS once they go through. The site SEEMS to be working but for these two players, we will stick with using GWJ for waivers just in case there is any funny business. Currently Stric has a request in for Fisher and that's it.

I'll post a claim on Fisher (remove Benson) and McNair (remove Frerotte).

Can't load the site so I don't know where the other claimers lie on the priority pole.

*Legion* has waiver priority over Stric so he gets Fisher and no one wanted McNair so Legion gets him too. NO ONE ELSE MAY PICK THESE PLAYERS UP.

From here on out, we stick to the Fox site's waiver system, they seem to be ok now.