Villain Name Generator

Some Friday afternoon fun:

Vllain Name Generator

All ye tremble in fear for I am Captain StoneDagger the malevolent!


*Edited for proper spelling. Amazing someone else beat Lobster to it

Prince DemonGhost the Vile.


Magus FireAxe the infamous.

Emporer BlackChanter the Butcher

Kneel before me or I shall use my magic chanting powers to dismember you!!!!

The Grim King Chaosheart

Is that anything like a villain name generator?

Necromancer Flower Child... WTH...!?

the vile Sorcerer CrimsonBlade is me!

Sounds like we all belong in Diablo 2.

Tyrant DemonSkull the monstrous

Witch Crimsonheart the damned's almost as if Bear himself generated that name for me, in fact, I do believe he may have called me that once or twice in WoW.

Dictator DevilChanter the infamous!

I am the heartless Necromancer RedMoon!

Count WeirdMace The Merciless

502 Server Busy

Kneel before 502!

All hail Despot Redscourge the Nefarious.

The Psychotic Duke DoomSpawn!

My xfire name reflects my new evilness.

The Heartless Viscount FrostBane

Warlock Warbite the loathsome

We should form our own super villain group.

If this is half as good as the pimp name generator, I've just lost my entire afternoon.


Doctor Strangeflayer at your service.

Tyrant ThunderThief the cursed.

Hold close to your thunder, for I am near!!! Muahahahahahahahaha

The Fluffy Gomez Bear?

I think I broke it.

General Psycho(tic) Thief

Awsome, I am a Thief who's crazy (I like that), and have an army of crazy thieves at my disposal.

Sir BoneSkull at your service...

although...if I had to pick one, I'd go with 'Republican Stormtrooper of Doom'!

Carnal Dragon the infamous. I want it in my passport.

Master DeathSpawn the cursed

King HellCrush(er) the cruel

Hmm. Scary.

Want powers too? This is a random power generator I wrote on a whim. I thought it might be fitting for this thread.

And yes, many of the results don't make a lot of sense. That's part of the charm.

The Random Superhero Generator wrote:

Rat Boy has mastered the ability to make duplicates of himself. He has inherited all of the powers and talents of an owl and he can absorb the damage from energy-based attacks and redirect it toward a distant area. Rat Boy brawls using a death-dealing pet imp and he has learned to communicate with dolphins through a mental link. He also developed the talent to force sharks to obey his every command and he possesses the power to read the memories of others. Terribly, Rat Boy has a weakness of being unable to see rabbits.

It's true. I can't see them at all.

Edit: As for the villain...

Prince DemonGhost the Vile has the power to force jackals into another plane of existence. He is able to deflect sonic waves and he developed the talent to make nightmares appear from nowhere. Prince DemonGhost the Vile can spin like a whirlwind and he has the power to become invisible. He also has learned to transform any yak into gold and he has been known to read the memories of others. Sadly, Prince DemonGhost the Vile endures the burden of being slimy.