Blitz: The League Thread

One thread to rule them all, and what-not.

Anywho, Blitz is slated for release on October 18th, and every look I get at it, it looks just that much more fun. The Website's a load of well-made fun, and the NFL's staunch refusal to have anything to do with this game makes it that much better. Thank god for this game.

I hope the game is as good as the website, looks like it could be a load of fun.

Very interesting. I'm not a big football fan, but I may have to check it out. Wait... gah, not a 360 game. I don't mess with piddly current gen games anymore :).

If it doesn't suck I may buy it just to A) encourage the development non-"officially licensed" games

and B) to thumb my nose at the NFL and EFA

LOL! Did you see that one screen? If a guy gets hurt you can "treat" of "juice" Now, THAT'S real football!

yeah...I'm getting this one for sure...

I'll put it on my list of games to rent, can you have multiplayer leagues like 2k?