[WOW] Anybody use dialup?

So current situation being what it is, looks like I'm going to tell my current cable provider (Rhymes with CHARTER) to go stuff itself. Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, Charter's the only way to get high-speed internet access. Does anybody out there use a dial-up connection to play WoW? How bad does it suck?

I'm fuuuuuuurrrrrious.

WoW on dial-up is not bad at all, I would say as long as you get a good connection it's often hard to even tell the difference.

I haven't played on dial up, but I've heard WoW plays well over it. My lagmeter add on thing never show more than 4 kilobytes of uplink or downlink traffic moving at a time from the game. Not sure if its accurate, but sounds good.

I'm totally with you on Charter. They suck.

I played WoW on dialup for a long time. It is definitely acceptable, and I am quite anal in that department. Just don't try to fight other players - people with broadband will have a distinct upper hand.

Also, if you're stuck with dialup, I STRONGLY recommend getting a U.S. Robotics hardware modem for optimal game performance. Software (built-in-motherboard) modems are fine for web browsing but they really suck in games. As the game sucks up CPU cycles, the modem's ping goes up dramatically. I've experienced 350ping vs 110 ping in Diablo2 on software vs. hardware modem.

Perhaps you can get an external one and hook it up to your router like you did with cable/DSL modem. That way you won't have to run Windows Firewall. Because if you stick with internal modem, you BETTER run Windows Firewall.

Moot question at this point. Best wife in the world called and threatened to give somebody at the EVIL CABLE OFFICE a rupture and they sent a truck and had it up in time to see the end of LOST. Managed to get in a group with Bounce, Meld, Thumps, and Sigholt and explored the Sunken Temple. (Don't ever follow Thumps. Ever.) Good time was had by all, and life doesn't suck anymore.

Thanks for all the helpful advice, hopefully I'll never need to use it.