GWJ American FFL week 4

What's the deal with the owner of the camel toes, whoever that may be?

While I like a 106 - 0 score, it would be nice to actually have been playing a team.

Is this league dead?

I think most people are still active in the league, I know one guy is in Europe or something right now. I can retroactivly set the rosters for previous weeks if you'd like me to toss his guys in Swampy

I mean... if I was commish. Cause I'm not... for this one. *cough*

You're not running this one, chooch!

Plus, no way he's beating 106 points, whoever he is.

You could help out Grumps in the other league though.

GWJ American FFL is essentially dead. Camel Toes isn't the only left for dead team - some others were assigned a lineup once and have just sat there since. So they don't score 0 points, but players on bye weeks are still in the lineup, etc.

I'm still trying!

Me too. Came from behind on Monday night FTW.

Stupid Opera, remind me to stop posting using that POS browser.

Yeah, I'm sticking with it and I know Elysium and Gaald are as well. Akbar's Infidels have been making line changes, so has Karma and Minase and the rest.

I'm only seeing Cameltoes, squirrelmonkey and Opti as having some players on bye weeks playing. That's a not a "dead" league, that's a "Legion is 2-2 league"

That's why the GWJCFFL is dead to me.

Let's kill it and stick with this league.

Certis wrote:

That's a not a "dead" league, that's a "Legion is 2-2 league" ;)

Nonsense. I'm the 3rd highest scoring team. Just some bad matchup luck, especially with Culpepper's poor first 2 games. The points will keep up, and the wins will roll in.

Keep reaching for that rainbow Legion, I believe in you!

And nice to know you're still sticking with our dead league

Well you guys seem primed to hump the corpse, so why should I just watch from the sidelines?

You still gotta get by me yo!