Hockey pool

Is there any intrest for a hockey pool amoungst us?

I have one created and am just waiting for some of my local friends to get in it and I figured if there was a small intrest I'd open it up to the GWJ population.

On the other hand if there is much intrest I would create a new one for us all.

Yahoo is where I'm running it as I'm confotable with them and they are resonably accurate about stuff.

Any thoughts or intrest?

Moving to the sports forum.

We have a sports forum?

I think I need my coffee today... I blame the weekend on my blindness...

I'd be in for a pool if we have a good number of participants.

Pool or fantasy?

I was hoping to get into a fantasy league. Any interest in that? I'll start a new thread.

I guess it would be a fantasy league. No money involved... for fun a bragging rights mostly. I would think we could get 20 people involed if anyone is interested...

Yahoo league #:77350

please join up if your interested in being active. I have some local friends involved as well so we want it to be full of active hockey lovers.