GWJHL 2K6 League Sign-Ups!

Certis wrote:


Wow. Flames fans, as expected, sure are ugly.


Hurricanes for the win!


How many players we got? Let's go!


Certis wrote:
PS, Demi just PM'd me about looking for a 2k6 pickup game, maybe I can flog him into signing up.

Isn't that clown allergic to making his games? ;)

*sniff sniff* It's sad but true. I'd love to sign up for the hockey league, but I'm missing so many baseball games, I'd almost be afraid I'd let you guys down too. Maybe if I could gracefully bow out of the baseball league? I dunno, if you guys are willing to risk taking me in the hockey league, I'll do it.

Congrats to Mr.Green for the slowest loading emoticon ever concieved by man.

Demi, you would be player number eight so if you'll play, we'll have you. Assuming Coldy ISN'T buying a copy for Bagga

I'll do it. I'm assuming after this league's over you'll all jump on the 360 bandwagon and keep playing there, so this might be my last shot for a bit.


1) Detroit
2) St. Lous
3) Boston, to spite Swampy.

You'll get my Bruins when you pry the jersey from my cold, dead hands.