GWJHL 2K6 Live, Join Now!

Game Name: GWJHL

Password: stan

Here is the line-up:

Certis - Calgary

Coldforged - Carolina

Swampyankee - Boston

MrGreen - Montreal

Poppinfresh 2k5 - Penguins

gwartok - Tampa Bay

Legion SB - LA Kings

DemiUrge - Detroit

A nice, brisk 10 week season with 4 playoff teams at best out of three. Settings are All-star at the sim setting and fancy-pants new NHL rules.

Can I get In If so can I have the Devils

You're a bit late! We'd need an even ten and I'd need to remake the league if that's the case.


Me too.



I'll get in tonight. Thanks for running it, Certis. The Usurper jokes are at an end :).

Anyone seen the online rosters at this point? Are we fairly up-to-date? Will I be playing with Whitney, Stillman, and Tverdovsky or still be stuck with O'Neill and such?

As a complete aside, when the hell did the Senators snag Heatley? Spezza, Alfredsson, Smolinski and Heatley? Nice lineup.

We all in yet?

I am. And as it is my world, and y'all are just bit players, we can commence to the hockeyin'.

Certis, could you open up the league's website so we can mess with articles, and turn on email league news and junk?

Thank you ever so much.

I'm not in yet, because somehow things go wrong whenver it's time for me to sign up for an ESPN league. In this case, I'm out of town, brought my XBox, and forgot my A/V cable. I was going to have the cable tomorrow, but then the guy who was going to bring it had a childhood friend die last night and he's going to the funeral instead. I think I'll just see if I can buy one at Wal Mart.

Geez. Now when I try to sign up for a league, people die!

I'm in.

Argh! I'd just like to state that I'm really sorry for the delay. The guy was going to come up with my A/V cable after the funeral, but then traffic was so bad and he'd been on the road all day, so he called at 10:00 PM and said he wasn't coming up, and isn't going to bother until Sunday or so. Since I'm in the middle of nowhere, my only access to an A/V cable would be Wal Mart. So, I braved the Wal Mart, only to find that they are all out of cables, and can't tell me when they'll get new ones. As an aside, they also didn't have either game I was looking for. I'll be back home Friday evening, at which point I promise I'll get my dumb ass signed up.

This is sort of becoming a meta-game in and of itself. "Poppin's signup Blog".

I didn't brag about it yet but I've joined the league LONG ago.

Certis, when the time comes, please rearrange the schedule so the Bruins can lay an opening day beating on Green's new favorite team.

You know, I'm pretty sure you can join leagues via the new 2k6 website. Did you try that Pops?

You can sign up via the web site. That's how I did it.


Poppinfresh wrote:

Damn! I know you're supposed to be able to sign up via the web, but what a day! My brother who was supposed to let me borrow his computer in order to get on the web was involved in an odd self-gratification accident involving a colandar told me I'd have to wait until this morning. So this morning I'm all ready to sign up for the league and then a microburst took out the roof over the bedroom where they keep the computer and sucked it right out into the street. Luckily it landed in a large pile of hay that was amazingly untouched by the microburst, but I couldn't find the power cable! We searched and searched and then finally found it in the same cupboard as the colandar and, well, I'm not touching it. So I went to the library to see if maybe they had some public-use computers -- since all it takes is a web browser! -- and decided to check the "Anal Felching" forums to see if my "wanted" ad had been answered and I got blacklisted at the library and arrested for indecency due to my assless chaps! County lockup normally doesn't provide open internet access, so I have to wait until Monday since the judge doesn't like indecency unless he's getting it in the butt, so hopefully by then we'll have gotten a new power cord!


Certis, the league's site is already accessible, but I can't add stories or change the main one.

It's 5 AM, the drunk I'm babysitting is sound asleep and there's nothing going on in town! I wish I could be making a nice page for us!

My Main Story was going to be entitled "Poppin is a f**king idiot".

I keed, I keed!

Swampy wrote:

It's 5 AM, the drunk I'm babysitting is sound asleep and there's nothing going on in town!

How did Green end up all the way down there? I hope he was wearing something nice for ya.

LOL @ Coldforged and swampy.

If the league is half as entertaining as this thread it'll be worth the wait.

OK, I joined this morning... and after reading this thread, I'm off for a good cry...