(ENDED) DivX celebrates 5th anniversary with free DivX Create bundle

DivX Anniversary Giveaway

For today only you can get their DivX create bundle for XP/2000, free!. A $19.95 value, apparently.

The DivX Create bundle offers all the tools necessary to create and play DivX videos with groundbreaking interactive features.
DivX Create lets you:

* Convert nearly any video to a DivX video file
* Create videos with advanced interactive features
* Playback all DivX video files including video-on-demand titles

I'm more of an XviD man myself, but someone might enjoy getting this for their video encoding.

thanks for the heads up Free goodies = sweet as sugar pie with cream and a cherrie on top

No love for OS.X...

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Divx.com wrote:

Sorry! The one-day DivX five year anniversary giveaway has ended.
(Try checking back in September, 2010.).

I tried this... haven't gotten my code yet but here's hoping

Sorry! The one-day DivX five year anniversary giveaway has ended.

Funny, I posted this thread after I submitted two different email addresses for the free DivX Create bundle. The giveaway has ended, and I've yet to get any codes.

I've updated the thread title to let people know it's unfortunately ended. Apparently "today only" meant "for the next three hours".

Yeah it let me DL it but no code in the email yet. It was too popular.

Divx nothing. Everyone knows that XviD is the cat's meow.

Check in your Bulk junk mail folder.

Ok, I got both requests. First person to PM me gets my 2nd serial number.

Edit: Eezy_Bordone wins.