GWJ AL - It's Pennant Time!

After a great win over Ruthless (good game, man) it's time for the Tigers to face their AL rivals (at least in this game), the Angels.

Cohiba, I think we're dealing with a best of 5 situation here, so let's play early and play often. The xBox/router situation is completely fixed, so I shouldn't have the same problems I've had over the past week or so.

I'm free tomorrow (Thursday) night late (say, 11pm EST) and over the weekend by appointment (usually during the afternoon, when I'm not seeing Serenity).

Let me know, and may the best man kick the NL's ass!

Too late for me tonight..We can play a couple before/after our Minor's game or sometime over the wknd..I guess we can figure it out over Aim once I get your Aim..

My AIM is dpthtsatvu. Just let me know.