Leader of New Orleans Police Resigns


"New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass announced his resignation Tuesday after four turbulent weeks in which the police force came under fire for its conduct in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath."

A thing that makes you go "hmmmmmmmm"...

I think this guy was unprofessional and somewhat hysterical throughout the entire process. While being interviewed by Geraldo Rivera outside of the Superdome he kept going on and on about "These people are going to riot when it gets dark, Geraldo!" That and his comment about babies being raped.

I'm not sure if this is why he resigned as this story is developing.

It's really unfortunate because the New Orleans Police Department did not come out of this looking good despite many officers that did their jobs dutifully. Apparently 250 officers are under investigation for deriliction of duty?

Anyway, just wanted you guys to be among the first to know.

After seeing some police officers sit and watch the marauders walk away with the guns from broken-in stores, and some other police officers even videotaped as actively participating in lootage, Compass should have at least committed a harakiri.

I'd have to go with Gorilla on the harakiri point... Valid indeed!