Clock error helped Patriots beat Steelers

Wow, crazy!

Seems like noone noticed during the game since it was at the beginning of the quarter!

Wonder if it would have changed anything. Vinitairi probably would have just kicked a 90 yard field goal or something.

It is unfortunate, but I'm of the opinion that NE deserved to win, so it's not really something I'm losing sleep over. Seems like most people in Pittsburgh pretty much feel the same way. It may help that this is the third time in about five years that something like this happened to the Steelers (once the ref got an overtime coin-flip wrong, I forgot the other one), so we're kind of used to it. Bottom line, I think the difference was more about Belechick (or however you spell it) being a much better coach than Cowher.

yeah, if the clock wasn't all wonky, i'm sure both teams would've made adjustment in their plays based on the correct time anyway.

i bleed black and gold, but i'm starting to agree with the opinion that Cowher will never take us (back) to the Super Bowl, much less win one.

so much for that 16-0 season too, booo.

Here's what has always killed me about Cowher--

The Steelers get a 10 or 20 point lead. Then they turtle, become incredibly predictable, and start having a lot of three-and-outs. The defense gets tired from being on the field the whole time, and the other team starts creeping back in it. Contrast that with NE-- they continue to play the game that got them there. Maybe they have more of an eye on making sure they keep posession, running relatively safe routes and all, but they regularly do stuff that you would never see the Steelers do, like throwing on first down.

The other thing that drives me nuts is how inflexible Cowher is. With other winning teams, they can and will adjust based on what the other team is doing. Lots of guys in the box? Spread out the offense. Blitzing? Three step drop passes. With Cowher, any adjustments that do happen seem to take an eternity. It's like he'll make some changes at half time, but that's about it.

I think the Steelers have a talented team, and there's no question that Cowher is a great motivator, but when it comes down to managing the game, I wish he would delegate to someone who can do it better.