GWJFL Summer Week 11

invite sent, bud.

Cetris, because I dropped to become the Jets. The game dropped that trade, I resent it to you. Can you accept it again, so we can have the players before our next game. Also Swamp I sent you a trade for Will Allen let me know.


Frankie, no thanks on the trade.

Legion, Monday night or I'll roll for us. I can play anytime > 7 PM EST.

I'll be rolling forward tonight.

Legion says he's been messaging you tonight. We're watching MNF, but he's available to play.

I was on LIVE from 7:30 until close to midnight. Between that and the number of times I tried to set something up, I took the win. Demi took it over the AWOL Lothar, and Grumps took it over his arch-nemisis no_user.

On to week 12.