GWJ Survival Football 2 (week 3) now with ID#

Well the first group finished in an impressive two weeks, can we do better? If you want to try again sign up here.

Here is the group info:

Group Id ID#: 23181
Group Name GWJ Survival Football 2
Group Password shaved

Gotta love the password...

Also, I think we need the Group ID# to join...

We actually need the group ID number ferret, the name doesn't do it.

I can actually restart the last one if youse guys want to do that.

damn...I wish I'd gotten in...I'm 2-0 baby with my picks...

of course, that means that once I join, I'll be the first to fall next

Do that Highlander, that would probably be easier.

Oh right, we do a new one Piggy can join.

But wait! He's going to beat me in fantasy football this week. I say we make a No Pigpens Club instead.

So we're all going to join this one, then, right?

Is someone else gonna make a pick or what?

Duttybrew wrote:

Is someone else gonna make a pick or what?

Actually all but two have made their picks, you just can't see em till after the pick deadline has passed.

I think there is still time to sign up, if anyone else wants to play.

so this league or the old one...linkage please...i'm ready...

See the first post there? With the link and the info? THAT ONE

It looks like everybody is still alive. Yeah, I don't know what happened.

Wow, we're a bunch of Bengal fans this week. Who would've thunk it?

Well, you gotta pick the Bengals when you can ... and looks like everyone thought this was the right week.

I was scared to pick the Ravens. I figured it could be a 6-3 game, then I thought all it would take was a Wright INT and the Jets could win 7-6!!!

Luckily Bollinger didn't do anything....