Are we just gonna pull the plug since Foxsports FF is all but crap?

I wouldn't mind moving to another site, AOL maybe like Legion recommended in the GWJFFL recovery thread.

Yeah. I would strongly recommend moving the league to AOL. I think the #1 league ought to do the same, though I think Certis doesn't want to make everyone hop to another site AGAIN.

What if you don't have AOL?

Who needs AOL? Wait, do you think *I* have AOL? I thought we were friends!

It's at, as in the website. (specifically I think it's or something along those lines)

You do need an "AOL" username, but if you have an AIM account, then you already have exactly that. And if not, then you'd just need to sign up for a free AIM account.

I have re-created the league on AOL (since Opti's MIA), but the FOX site is crippled right now and I can't get to the draft info. Once I can, I'll re-create week 1 and send invites to everyone to claim their teams, if we decide we want to go ahead and do this.

The AOL site is working perfectly, which of course is something FOX still hasn't managed.

lol...just pick one...although to use anything of the AOL label is to sleep with the devil...and I'm not talking his cute little succubus sister either...

oops...league two...not in that all can sleep with Satan all you want

It's AOL in name but the guts of the whole site is's software. I still have not found anything that AOL lacks from the full $50 Fanball package.

SBFatBBSC is my AIM account when you're ready.

Don't have the league settings, maybe you do in your spreadsheet, but I managed to pull down all the rosters.

Redhwk's Fantastic Footballers
QB P. Manning (IND - QB)
RB C. Portis (WAS - RB)
RB B. Westbrook (PHI - RB)
WR D. Mason (BAL - WR)
WR P. Burress (NYG - WR)
WR S. Smith (CAR - WR)
TE J. Witten (DAL - TE)
Bench D. Bledsoe (DAL - QB)
Bench D. Rhodes (IND - RB)
Bench C. Baker (NYJ - TE)
Bench C. Rogers (DET - WR)
Bench K. Boller (BAL - QB)
Bench F. Jackson (CLE - WR)
Bench C. Benson (CHI - RB)
Bench T. Williamson (MIN - WR)
K J. Reed (PIT - K)
D/ST Carolina (CAR - D/ST)

Karma's Bruhaha
QB K. Collins (OAK - QB)
RB T. Barber (NYG - RB)
RB P. Holmes (KC - RB)
WR J. Galloway (TB - WR)
WR E. Moulds (BUF - WR)
WR A. Johnson (HOU - WR)
TE T. Gonzalez (KC - TE)
Bench J. Bettis (PIT - RB)
Bench M. Williams (MIN - RB)
Bench B. Griese (TB - QB)
Bench J. Porter (OAK - WR)
Bench C. Taylor (BAL - RB)
Bench L. Johnson (KC - RB)
Bench M. Moore (MIN - RB)
K D. Akers (PHI - K)
D/ST New England (NE - D/ST)
Bench Cincinnati (CIN - D/ST)

Akbars infidels
QB B. Favre (GB - QB)
RB D. McAllister (NO - RB)
RB K. Jones (DET - RB)
WR J. Horn (NO - WR)
WR D. Jackson (SEA - WR)
WR L. Coles (NYJ - WR)
TE R. McMichael (MIA - TE)
Bench C. Palmer (CIN - QB)
Bench M. Faulk (STL - RB)
Bench L. Smith (PHI - TE)
Bench D. Stallworth (NO - WR)
Bench M. Williams (DET - WR)
Bench R. Gardner (CAR - WR)
Bench R. Caldwell (SD - WR)
Bench J. Morton (SF - WR)
K M. Stover (BAL - K)
D/ST Philadelphia (PHI - D/ST)

Elysian Fields
QB M. Vick (ATL - QB)
RB E. James (IND - RB)
RB A. Green (GB - RB)
WR N. Burleson (MIN - WR)
WR A. Lelie (DEN - WR)
WR I. Bruce (STL - WR)
TE B. Franks (GB - TE)
Bench M. Anderson (DEN - RB)
Bench S. Moss (WAS - WR)
Bench K. Warner (ARI - QB)
Bench A. Randle El (PIT - WR)
Bench B. Troupe (TEN - TE)
Bench M. Robinson (MIN - WR)
K J. Elam (DEN - K)
Bench J. Carney (NO - K)
D/ST Minnesota (MIN - D/ST)
Bench Indianapolis (IND - D/ST)

Swampy's Centurions
QB D. McNabb (PHI - QB)
RB S. Jackson (STL - RB)
RB W. Parker (PIT - RB)
WR R. Wayne (IND - WR)
WR T. Houshmandzadeh (CIN - WR)
WR A. Toomer (NYG - WR)
TE J. Shockey (NYG - TE)
Bench M. Clayton (TB - WR)
Bench T. Bell (DEN - RB)
Bench K. McCardell (SD - WR)
Bench R. Moats (PHI - RB)
Bench J. Harrington (DET - QB)
Bench B. Jacobs (NYG - RB)
K N. Rackers (ARI - K)
Bench N. Kaeding (SD - K)
D/ST Baltimore (BAL - D/ST)
Bench New York (NYJ - D/ST)

Gaald's Phantom Pack
QB T. Green (KC - QB)
RB C. Martin (NYJ - RB)
RB J. Lewis (BAL - RB)
WR H. Ward (PIT - WR)
WR B. Stokley (IND - WR)
WR C. Chambers (MIA - WR)
TE T. Heap (BAL - TE)
Bench M. Pollard (DET - TE)
Bench M. Alstott (TB - RB)
Bench P. Price (DAL - WR)
Bench A. Brooks (NO - QB)
Bench D. Foster (CAR - RB)
Bench R. Williams (JAC - WR)
K R. Longwell (GB - K)
Bench J. Scobee (JAC - K)
D/ST New York (NYG - D/ST)
Bench Jacksonville (JAC - D/ST)

Basrah Camels
QB D. Culpepper (MIN - QB)
RB L. Jordan (OAK - RB)
RB D. Davis (HOU - RB)
WR J. Smith (JAC - WR)
WR R. Smith (DEN - WR)
WR R. Moss (OAK - WR)
TE A. Crumpler (ATL - TE)
Bench S. Davis (CAR - RB)
Bench W. Green (CLE - RB)
Bench B. Leftwich (JAC - QB)
Bench B. Lloyd (SF - WR)
Bench K. Colbert (CAR - WR)
Bench C. Cooley (WAS - TE)
Bench M. Jones (JAC - WR)
Bench M. Jenkins (ATL - WR)
IL D. Staley (PIT - RB)
K S. Graham (CIN - K)
D/ST Dallas (DAL - D/ST)

QB M. Hasselbeck (SEA - QB)
RB W. Dunn (ATL - RB)
RB J. Arrington (ARI - RB)
WR M. Harrison (IND - WR)
WR T. Owens (PHI - WR)
WR L. Evans (BUF - WR)
TE A. Gates (SD - TE)
Bench M. Pittman (TB - RB)
Bench R. Williams (MIA - RB)
Bench C. Pennington (NYJ - QB)
Bench K. Robinson (MIN - WR)
Bench K. Barlow (SF - RB)
Bench D. Carr (HOU - QB)
Bench R. Grossman (CHI - QB)
K A. Vinatieri (NE - K)
D/ST Pittsburgh (PIT - D/ST)
Bench Washington (WAS - D/ST)

Optimistic's Optimists
QB D. Brees (SD - QB)
RB C. Brown (TEN - RB)
RB T. Jones (CHI - RB)
WR J. Walker (GB - WR)
WR D. Bennett (TEN - WR)
WR M. Muhammad (CHI - WR)
TE J. Putzier (DEN - TE)
Bench B. Roethlisberger (PIT - QB)
Bench B. Joppru (HOU - TE)
Bench R. Brown (MIA - RB)
Bench K. Johnson (DAL - WR)
Bench M. Shipp (ARI - RB)
Bench F. Gore (SF - RB)
K S. Janikowski (OAK - K)
Bench M. Nugent (NYJ - K)
D/ST Tampa Bay (TB - D/ST)
Bench Arizona (ARI - D/ST)

squirrelmonkey's Irritants
QB T. Brady (NE - QB)
RB C. Dillon (NE - RB)
RB W. McGahee (BUF - RB)
WR E. Kennison (KC - WR)
WR A. Bryant (CLE - WR)
WR D. Branch (NE - WR)
TE D. Graham (NE - TE)
Bench T. Dilfer (CLE - QB)
Bench T. Glenn (DAL - WR)
Bench F. Taylor (JAC - RB)
Bench M. Bennett (MIN - RB)
Bench E. Johnson (SF - TE)
Bench P. Ramsey (WAS - QB)
Bench L. Suggs (CLE - RB)
Bench B. Edwards (CLE - WR)
K M. Vanderjagt (IND - K)
D/ST Denver (DEN - D/ST)

Certis' Drunken Wizards
QB J. Delhomme (CAR - QB)
RB S. Alexander (SEA - RB)
RB R. Johnson (CIN - RB)
WR D. Driver (GB - WR)
WR C. Johnson (CIN - WR)
WR R. Williams (DET - WR)
TE J. Wiggins (MIN - TE)
Bench J. Plummer (DEN - QB)
Bench N. Davenport (GB - RB)
Bench R. Curry (OAK - WR)
Bench D. Givens (NE - WR)
Bench T. Calico (TEN - WR)
Bench K. Curtis (STL - WR)
Bench C. Williams (TB - RB)
Bench H. Miller (PIT - TE)
Bench P. Crayton (DAL - WR)
K J. Brown (SEA - K)
D/ST Buffalo (BUF - D/ST)

Camel Toes
Bench L. Tomlinson (SD - RB)
Bench J. Jones (DAL - RB)
Bench T. Holt (STL - WR)
Bench M. Bulger (STL - QB)
Bench A. Boldin (ARI - WR)
Bench L. Fitzgerald (ARI - WR)
Bench D. Clark (IND - TE)
Bench R. Droughns (CLE - RB)
Bench T. Duckett (ATL - RB)
Bench E. Shelton (FA - RB)
Bench S. McNair (TEN - QB)
Bench D. Blaylock (NYJ - RB)
Bench J. McCareins (NYJ - WR)
Bench E. Manning (NYG - QB)
Bench A. Thomas (DAL - RB)
Bench J. Wilkins (STL - K)
Bench Atlanta (ATL - D/ST)

I got 'em all put in at the new league already (See the other thread, foo!), but thanks.