Ohio vs. Pitt

Ohio 16, Pitt 10

Wow. Sure, it means Pitt isn't nearly as good as advertised, and Notre Dame's victory over them has to be cast in a much less impressive light.

But what a win for Ohio. For one week, that program gets to float on cloud 9. To win it on ESPN, you just have to feel good for that program and the fans.

Sure, you can say they won on the unlikely event of two INT returns for TDs. But for them to be in a position for two TDs to win it, for them to hold Pitt to 10 points when NORTHWESTERN hung 38 on them last week, great job.

Still, what a train wreck in Pittsburgh. What the hell is Wannstedt doing with/to that team? And MATT CAVANAUGH is the offensive coordinator! Not that I was ever a real Cavanaugh fan when he OC'd in the NFL, but still, you'd think he could do something with this QB. Other than have him throw INTs. But hey, maybe Cavanaugh's just too used to Kyle Boller.

Nothing takes away from Notre Dame's win over Michigan though!

On the bright side, it should be pretty easy to get tickets to the Pitt games now...

I kinda thought Pitt was overrated going into the season-- I was awfully surprised when I saw they were ranked. Their defensive line isn't very good, which can make it awfully tough to stop drives. Now their offensive line is wrecked by injuries. And when Palko didn't look just plain lost he seemed to have some happy feet in there. I think that eventually Wannstedt can field a good team, but it will probably take two or three years. Hopefully Pitt will give him the time.