GWJ FFL #2 Status - 1 Team Needed!

Sorry for the lack of updates but the league is still on. I have been out of town on a job for the past 3 weeks so I haven't had time to recruit. Anyone interested in joining can still sign up with the following information.

Signup Page

League ID # 15185
Password - gwjffl

The Live Draft will be this Sunday at 7:30PM CST. Any other questions or comments please feel free to PM or IM me at any time.

I'll wait until later in the week before signing up, I don't want to take a spot unless it's needed.

I'm lookin for a league. What are the specifics? I'll check back later in the week


I'm with Certis the Abusive Site Owner. If the league has open spots that need filling, I'll definitely play. If there's more demand than spots, I'll stay out of the way.

I'm with Certis the Abusive Site Owner. If the league has open spots that need filling, I'll definitely play. If there's more demand than spots, I'll stay out of the way.

Awesome Legion, plus I don't think there is some crazy dictator type rule about team names!

You can use that name you have been waiting for : Zsadfo Goihsdfuai


Ugh. I have to say that I'm doing what Certis and Legion are doing. I'll wait and join if you need another player on Sat.

I have to go gargle with gasoline now.

Thanks guys, its Wednesday and we have 7 teams so it looks like we will need you guys to sign up. I'll give it a couple of more days tho.

Give us a go-ahead shout out when you're ready for us to jump in.


The Drunken Wizards are signed up and ready to kick some ass.

I'm in. Dang, by this time last year I had done a ton of research for the draft. no time this year!

Just make sure you're on Team Speak Swampy, I'll help you out.

Round One: Rex Grossman... trust me.

Round Two: Ryan Leaf


I was gonna go with Lawrence Phillips for my #1

Thanks guys, we still need 2 more teams so if you haven't signed up already please do so.

Good luck!

Guys I would love to join but I already do a league that is extremely competitive and I don't know if I can handle another one. It takes almost all of my effort to smack around the punks in my FFL year after year but I am available for draft consultation. I have a Top 200 list and so forth that I've compiled so give me a shout!

Shout. My email addy is in my profile.

May Allah in his infinate mercy shower blessings on you.

/BF2 brotherhood suckup.

Still need 2 more teams to be filled by Sunday. If you haven't joined already please do so soon!


I tried to entice Gaald to join but he's too wussy to handle three leagues. Are you able to set it to be a 10 man league without restarting? Better to have ten people who will pay attention than two out of twelve who won't

Ah, I can wrap my brain around one more league this year. Another spot taken.

I'm gonna try to be there for the draft, but don't be surprised if I'm not. I've pre-ranked just in case.

Hey, Any way we can find out the draft order? I know it isn't full yet so you may not be able to order it, just wondering. I'm trying to plan the Jihad's draft today.

Thanks Elysium for signing up. We need just one more team for a full league! Please signup if you have any interest at all.

Good luck everyone.

Auto draft for me as well I'll be working.

I pre-ranked a bunch of picks but I'm hoping to be back in time, we'll see.

Seeing as you guys were getting near the deadline I figured I might as well fill the league. Cya at draft time.

Thanks for everyone who joined up, we are now at full capacity. Look for draft order to appear shortly.