GWJCFFL Draft Order And Date (Sept 5th, 8:30PM EST)

Hi there, we are now a mere 13 days away from the GWJCFFL's live fantasy draft, commence smack talk! Here is the draft order:

Fredster's Irish Hooligans
Bagga's Chipz
Legion's Dirt Worshippers
Gaald's Phantom Pack
Grump's Chumps
SwampYankee's Jihad
Pigpen's Pigskins
JimmDogg's Wienerbombs
Sanjuro's Frictionless Ballers
Certs Fresh


If August 31st rolls around and you haven't paid your $10 dollar league fee or made arrangements to do so you will be replaced!

Sanjuro's Frictionless Ballers

Man, I wish things at work would slow down some so I could plan my draft.

I think Payton Manning and LT will be busts and no one should pick them until the second round.

*raises hand to be alt*

Best pay up boys or you will be unleashing the fury of the man who had ALL of his QBs hurt last season. All. Of. Them.


Not to tip my hand or anything, but I'm pretty sure peyton won't be available, Certis.

I told you, I'm not paying a red cent until I'm first to draft! Just like we agreed before we suckered these fools in.

Wait, this is the admin forum, right?

I'm going to be very interested in seeing what's left at the end of the first round. Maybe I'll just open with a kicker and team defense

I hear both Janikowski and the Raiders Defense will be available for your 1st two picks Certis...but keep it kinda hush hush...

btw...I'm assuming paying at our draft party will be sufficient arrangements?

Oh, indeed. With the relative strength of the Canadian dollar you should get a pretty good deal too

Last time a bunch of us were on Teamspeak for the draft. It was a good time.

I think Piggy, Gaald and myself are going to meet in person and maybe setup a mic, should be fun!

We may even all get a mic so we can mock your picks Swampy (in a loving and sympathetic tone)... I think you should pick all Saints players personally...

You're talking to a superbowl (losing) coach, bitch! Use a respectful tone!

Did I mention I once went 13-0 in a regular season league that has been going on for 15 years now - that is what gets you respect [that...and crushing your enemies before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women and children]

Superbowl losing - ummmm...I think thats the same as the other 18 saps who didn't win the superbowl...imho...

Well, I got there....Go ahead, piss on my achievements.

I once won a Superbowl in a 30-year keeper league! I also won 18 games that year.

I once killed a gopher with a stick.

Money's coming.

SwampYankee wrote:

I once killed a gopher with a stick.

I loved that gopher.

He begged for death. Now I know why. Reeking of Sanjuro's man love, it was all he could do.

Logan put my payment out in the mail today.

Check's in the mail, hand to God!

Logan put my payment out in the mail today.

Always nice to have a secretary

Does he take DICKtation? hehe.

Where/what are the payment instructions again?

Paypal: [email protected]

If anyone needs a snail mail address let me know and I'll PM it to you.

To your House? Yep. I need those.


$10 bucks!


And I got it, thanks Grumps.

Legion's check arrived today, we're just waiting on Fernando... he's a dreamy radio star so I may just cover his fee myself.

Reminder that the draft is a mere four days away!

Nevermind. Nothing to see here. Move along.