[NFL] Tuesday cuts

Well, a couple iof high profile cuts.

Peter Warrick in Cinn, although that one had been coming for a bit and Peerless Price in Atlanta which seems to be a bit more surprising even though his play has not been the greatest there.

Warrick was one of the best receivers ever out of FSu. I really think being drafted and playing for the Bungals killed him. I really hope he gets picked up by a good team and gets a chance to showcase his skills.

Looks like Price's one good year in Buffalo was thanks to Moulds being covered so much. Well, straight to Philly, eh?

Here are the Bucs cuts:

RB Ian Smart
CB Ronyell Whitaker
QB Jared Allen
WR Kevin Youngblood
G Phil Bogle
G Doug Buckles
WR Chris Davis
RB Charlie Garner (released from PUP - failed physical)
LB Byron Hardmon
FB Steve Kriewald
WR Derrick Lewis
DT Lynn McGruder
DE Bryant McNeal
LS Brian Sawyer
T Sam Wilder
DT Damian Gregory (injured)

Thank goodness Gardner is gone!