NHL Eastside Hockey Manager?

Anyone else given this game a spin before? I just picked up the 2005 version, was very neat to see the ECHL in there, with all the real players and even headshot photos of most of them. Nice touch. I'm now rebuilding the Fresno Falcons from the inside out.

There sure seems to be an awful lot to this game. Any tips for the uber-n00b?

I'm not that experienced with it. I played it for a little bit before it got sold off to the SIGames conglomerate. That said, I opted not to play the most recent version when I started reading forums for the game.

Not because of the people, mind you, but because of the way the game apparently worked. Much like the Championship/Football Manager series, you would create various tactics for your team to play by. My problem with this was that people were apparently putting together NHL teams that would go 81-1 and have two or three 200 point players.

Yeah. So that turned me way, way, way off. Personally, I don't really care what you have to do, but that just shouldn't happen. So I opted away from it.

That baseball management PBEM game you guys had going died (too bad). I'd be up for something like this if it would be fun.