Roo Update from Greece, Picture Time!

I got an email from Roo today along with a picture of him and his lovely lady. What a lucky guy!


Click on the image for a larger version.

He already opened a newpaper stand?! Cool!

Craziness. This is the bird rescue thing-a-ma-jig? I can't read the sign, it's Greek to me. Bah dum ching.

That's awesome! Good to know that he's happy over there!

The sign has something to do with Bird-watching?

I am 1/4-Greek, ethnically. I wonder if I am thus at least partially entitled to all the goodness into which Roo is partaking now.

I think he'd mentioned something about a bird rescue foundation they were going to at some point in one of the other threads. Checking...

There we go:

Roo wrote:

I leave on Sunday for Naxos, the largest island in the Aegean, and it looks like we'll have either a morning or afternoon shift (changing by the day) in a sort of kiosk, giving out info on how not to mess up the habitats of the falcons, selling fund raising stuff, and chatting up the local businesses. Seems the local hotel owners are interested in promoting "non-damaging" bird-watching tours.

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Damn - I was expecting both of them to be, well, old.

Good job Roo. I'd ditch my old life to hit that too. Oh, and congrats on the true love part too.

Here's lookin' at you, Bang - 'er - oo. Bud Light salutes you, Real American Hero.


Salute her for me... With a wienerbomb. Bangeroo For the Win!

Watch the hand.

Congrats Roo. Good luck with the conservation.

I think there's something wrong with their sign. It's written in gibberish.

Also, Roo looks very happy. Good luck with saving the falcons!

Oh my God, I'm illiterate again!

Watch the hand.

I immediately thought of poor Vince Vaughn at the dinner table in Wedding Crashers.

Roo, you are rapidly becoming mythic in stature!

Good for Roo!

I call shenanigans. That's obviously Photoshopped, just look at the elvish writing! "Look guys, we're in a bird sanctuary near the Mines of Moria!" We're not falling for it, Roo.

He bought a bad t-shirt?
We need to get him some GWJ swag ASAP.

Hey! That says "Ornithoptic", right? That's your bird stuff, right there. Roo's saved a bird at the bird sanctuary, obviously. I wonder if she's a rescued one, or a native bird, or just over-summering or something?

Good job mate, keep it Up!

awh, they both look so happy. Yay!

Census 2005? Anyone know what that's all about?

Ow, geez, I just noticed Look where her right hand is! ROO NEEDS AN ADULT!

Hoo-rah! Go Roo!

SwampYankee wrote:

Ow, geez, I just noticed Look where her right hand is! ROO NEEDS AN ADULT!

It appears Roo already has one, a willing one too, right next to him. SCORE!

Hehe, anyway, congrats to the Roo, if a girl like that told me to run away to Greece with her, I'd totally do it... and then her. Juuuuuuust kidding Roo... kinda.

SwampYankee wrote:

Ow, geez, I just noticed Look where her right hand is! ROO NEEDS AN ADULT!

That would explain the SE Grin.

Wonderful! Sooo nice to see smiling happy Roo and his lovely soulmate! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

I'd hit it.

Good work, Roo. Let us know when the cute, petite Greek wedding will be.

Fletcher wrote:

I'd hit it.

Good work, Roo. Let us know when the cute, petite Greek wedding will be.

Can I be the ring bearer? I still have my suit from the last time I did that... in 1989. I'm sure it still fits... it'll just be like... chokingly snug.

They both look so happy. Good for both of you, Roo!

Hmmm, note the strategic positioning of her right hand...

That's awesome.

Congratulations on that whole happiness thing Roo

Fletcher wrote:

I'd hit it. :)

Go for it, big daddy. I'll take the chick.

Oh, and way to go, Roo. "He looks... Gdeek."

Demosthenes wrote:

Can I be the ring bearer?

Hmm. Are you a hobbit?

Thanks for the well wishes folks.

By the way, the Greek characters at the kiosk read:

Elliniki Ornithologoki Etairia (where all "i" vowels are long e's, as in "eat"). Elliniki = Hellenic = Greek.
Ornithological of course is bird stuff. And don't ask me how Etairia becomes "society", but together you get Greek Bird Society.

Two weeks on Naxos was amazing, as we only spent 2-4 hours a day at the kiosk (and that was actually fun). I learned how to say "Would you like a pamphlet" in Greek. Unfortunately (and sorta cool too) was that after so many days in the sun, I look Greek to many people, and so I would do my "want a pamphlet" in Greek and people would start speaking to me very quickly in Greek. To which i could respond with my, "Sorry, I don't actually speak Greek." said in..Greek. Two of my key phrases on the island, besides, "two small waters, please" and "a greek salad, chicken souvlaki (or squid), and a beer, please." Amazing mountains in the center of Naxos and beautfil beaches all around. If you look at the photo above, on the right side is the map of Naxos, with the narrow band of yellow on south and middle being protected beaches and nature areas.

Speaking of beaches and mountains, if someone wouldn't mind hosting some more pics (and Certis, thanks very much for hosting the one above) I could send maybe 5-6 more pics, so you can see some of the countryside, the amazing views, and yes, more of my fiance.

She is absolutely tickled (yes yes, take me out of context all you want) at the responses, and was laughing out loud about the comments regarding the location of her right hand...

In other news, i'll be back in the states for a week starting next sunday, to take care o' stuff. I may be able to get in some gaming time online...i'll let ya'll know. Once back here, I'll have my computer and all my CDs'll be seeing me more as time goes by. I'll be in Athens for at least a year, and hopefully my Greek will be getting better then, "thelete ena filathio? (would you like a pamphlet)" Once back in the states I'll be able to post stuff myself as well, so I could just do that then.

it's damned nice to be able to share my joy with ya'll. I had enough of the other stuff to last a long while.